Us on Us Crime “The Business of Us All”


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Us on Us Crime “The Business of Us All”

My 1st cousin got shot and killed in the streets of Detroit around 3:20 A.M. received a call at 4:18 A.M August 15, 2020 actual location Livernois and Warren

Of course was shocked and in dismay searching for answers, there really isn't none in a way. So the way I think started attempting to at least put some pieces together to help with the deep pain because see we grew up together, use to have to watch them my cousins baby sit even though only 6 years older than him the thing is when young 6 years is like 20 years.

Because when you are 18 they are 12 and you already been through a few things in the turmoil uncertainty of youth coming of age. Now this is not the first tragedy as far as street life in Detroit have stricken my family, my only oldest sibling brother died also in August;

August 10, 1988 he died from a drug overdose crack cocaine he also died in the streets.

We were 7 years apart so, its interesting how those few years the difference how much you are influenced by that age gap. This is one reason why so many pre-teens are easily recruited in the street life; life style, minds are easily impressionable.

Now this death hit a lot differently because of the violence behind it knowing that he lay died, my cousin in the streets murdered bleeding out. Know in my search found the police dispatch call and seen film on it seen a few news details just to wrap my mind around it. Wrong place, wrong time, yet circumstances still questionable the who and the why.

Many of us speak about Black on Black crime that phrase that is used to demonize us from racist puppets who have their own issues, yet like to focus on us to hide their own devious and devilish ways, then there is the century’s old generational stressful issue of police brutality and murders of unarmed black people which keep us stressed in so many different ways and its heavy at times.

Now the argument is that all people kill there own ok true and valid point simply for many of us we take pride in how resilient powerful dynamic we are as a people. Black Power! many of us proclaim with euphoric glee.

Yet within that Black Power do we have the power to reduce shooting each other to death in the streets for a simple disagreement do we have the power to stop being influenced by music that continue to call each other niggas, bitches, hoes etc... bragging on how tough we are blowing another Black man away in the so called thug life. Praise celebrate even put on a pedestal of them and their terrorizing ways within our enclaves.

Now there is an issue with systematic racism propaganda and white sabotage of course it is there's, no doubt about it. Up to now it is our participation in it by consuming many things purchasing decisions enter-train-meant to up hold it support it, then complain when our hands get bitten, put band aids on and continue to feed this racist beast.

But if we are killing each other over status trinkets and shiny things petty arguments then our voice is really muted, when speaking about police brutality, especially since a great number of us brutalize our own. Its really heart breaking to see our people getting together having a good time, then for some reason something break out and someone is murdered by our hands it happen way to often.

In closing would like to remind how every year there are reminders of police brutality police murder or racist acts committed by white police officers and so called citizens.

Should we do the same for them who are killed by our hands also? or are we too ashamed.

By the way my Aunt and Step Uncle His parents both died this year 2020 from illness. So this is extra hard.

Emmit Till came to my mind which is seared with-in our collective consciousness and collective outrage.

In the words Mamie Till its ...The Business of Us All”

It is time for us to be more mindful in what influence us and why, if it help in any way also if helping in causing our demise. A great example of influence was reading the lyrics of a popular song titled Hot Nigga… A nice beat to dance to but the lyrics are poison be mindful of this. It seem to make our own the enemy.

“We can no longer sugar coat the shit, that we do and call it candy”.

Us on Us Crime effects families and now my family is among this painful fraternity.Two websites I visit frequently, even before my cousins Murder, is Gun Memorial and Gun Violence Archives that show gun violence every 72 hours across this country.

My cousins profile will be added, To the Gun Memorial site.

Hope this find you in peace and sincerity and may help you and yours help be a little more conscious of how our actions can effect others lives by our hands.

This is not to be used for any political reference or for racist white talking points This is personal and a message to the Black community.

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