Tiffany Pilgrim: a Visionary for the Future of Tech

Tiffany Pilgrim: a Visionary for the Future of Tech The post Tiffany Pilgrim: a Visionary for the Future of Tech appeared first on The Network Journal.

Tiffany Pilgrim: a Visionary for the Future of Tech

In the ever-evolving world of technology, there are pioneers who not only excel in their fields but also strive to create a more inclusive and diverse industry.

Tiffany Pilgrim, Barbadian-American entrepreneur, technologist, UX researcher and designer, and founder of the innovative tech PR agency Corelini PR, is one such visionary. With her expertise and passion for technology, she is shaping the future of user experience while advocating for equal opportunities for underrepresented groups.

UX researchers like Pilgrim systematically study targeted user groups to collect and analyze data that will help inform a product’s overall design and the user’s experience with it.

Pilgrim’s journey into the world of technology began when her first UX hackathon solidified her passion and motivation to pursue a career in the field. She taught herself UX while obtaining professional certifications, highlighting the opportunities for acquiring technical skills and experience within the tech industry.

The tech industry has long grappled with diversity, especially where Black women are concerned. Pilgrim acknowledges its lack of representation for women and people of color and advocates for a more inclusive industry. An U.S. Army veteran and member of the recently formed ForbesBLK community for Black professionals and creators, she recently spoke with The Network Journal about her career and her mission

TNJ. How did you get involved in the tech world?

Pilgrim. One day, seven years ago, I came across the user experience (UX) field. What intrigued me the most about it was that it consisted of psychology, business, and design. This means UX practitioners utilize both research and design to spot and solve problems for users and businesses.

At the time, the only way for me to become knowledgeable about UX was to engross myself at UX meetups in New York City. And winning my first UX hackathon made me realize I could pursue this field further. I’m an autodidact, so I pretty much self-taught myself UX. I also hold professional UX certifications, among others. That’s the beauty of the tech industry, all that is required are possessing highly technical skills and experience. Technologists are in high demand more than ever before.

TNJ. Do you see recent massive layoffs at technology companies exacerbating the industry’s diversity problem?

Pilgrim. Tech definitely still has a diversity problem, especially for women in tech. And if women were among the massive layoffs, I can see how it might affect the percentage of women in tech careers.

The real problem isn’t the recent massive layoffs. That’s just business. The problem is the company hiring pipelines. We don’t see a large percentage of women or persons of color being hired in high numbers, as opposed to other groups. What is important is for companies to improve their diversity hiring so that marginalized groups are provided equal opportunities. And with my platform and community work, I’m setting that example as a woman in tech.

TNJ. So you encourage more Blacks to get into the sector?

Pilgrim. Of course! My mission is to elevate women and other marginalized groups in technology. These groups have to work as hard to prove to people who don’t look like them that they’re just as educated or highly skilled. I believe diversity ignites creativity, and any company would be glad to have them because studies show diversity of thought increases business revenue. Companies would be missing out on the benefits of diversity hires. It’s simply good business, and it paves a better future world.

TNJ.  What do you think will be the top three biggest tech trends for 2023?

Pilgrim. The top three biggest tech trends we will see for 2023 are artificial intelligence technologies, ambient computing with the IoT (Internet of Things), and customer experience automation (CxA)

The post Tiffany Pilgrim: a Visionary for the Future of Tech appeared first on The Network Journal.