Thrown In The Snow: A Story of A Black Women Who Needs Healing


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This past winter I was meeting a friend at Daddys soul food located on 27thwells for some lunch. After me and her were done we were walking to our cars and talking when we noticed a grown man and what looked like a little girl. The man was holding her down in the snow yelling into her face. After he let her up we realized it was a grown woman and most likely his girlfriend. After he seemed to push her down again I had enough and confronted him about it but he took the young lady and they walked off. I walked after them but the lady who was African American said with a shaky voice “I am good.”

One in five women in the United States has experienced some form of rape. This disgusting statistic comes from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. The NSVRC also reported that one and 3 women have experienced some kind of sexual violence in their lifetimes. As it relates to black women data from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research shows that, more than 4 out of 10 Black women experience physical violence from their partner in their lifetimes. They also report that Black woman have higher rates of psychological abuse. It is for these reasons why we must love our women more than ever, and allow them a safe place to heal.

On April1st the annual Black Women Heal Day, which was founded in 2017 was held in Milwaukee. The day is collaboration between the city of Milwaukee, and Lilada Gee. Gee is an Author, Preacher and founder of the non-profit Liladas living room. Through her Black Woman Heal Collective, she orchestrated a healing movement that empowers Black women. Instrumental in the movement also was the host for the event Dr Alice Belcher, who advocates and provides resources for women through her CWP (Christian Woman Perspective Ministries) ministries organization.

The event provided that space for survivors to express themselves as well as get real help on how to cope, with singing, poetry and methods for healing from Mental Health Clinician Marrika Rodgers. “Allow yourself to feel your feelings, often times we mask them.” Words from Rodgers as she explained the damaged that trauma and emotions from it can do to a women if not dealt with. Commissioner of the Milwaukee commission on domestic violence and sexual assault Sharain Horn, also provided guidance to attendees.

Emotions ran high as these warrior women took in the information and shared their stories, let us protect ad provide more spaces for our women to heal.

by Joshua Thomas