The Journey In Losing Your Dignity Pre-Homelessness

The Journey In Losing Your Dignity Pre-Homelessness

The journey in losing your dignity

We never know what this life will bring and how it will effect you.

Over time have witness Black publications and businesses who had to sell then accused of being a sell out. Yet without the support of the people what other choice is there? 

Well am at a point whereas have to obtain funds in order to keep from being evicted and homeless.

Despite working a part time job because of unique circumstances one can hold on for so long.

People will say what about help from family they can do so much What about the churches they can only do so much for so long What about government assistance well in order to obtain housing assistance you still have to cover utilities food etc… Plus all the loop holes time and effort it takes to even qualify..

So at this crossroad of course am looking for other work yet this take time also.

Here is the thing I have social media accounts that total around 45,000 people mostly focusing on Black empowerment unity etc…

So All the years been on these accounts have not asked for too much and I have also helped others to the best of my ability.

Its not easy to ask for help as a man yet here I am. Its also not easy to concentrate when the fate of your well being is at stake. Especially being in the winter season of this lifespan.

So looking at options I have no choice but at least create some breathing room for myself in so called selling out.

So It looks as though I will have to sell my website to create some breathing room until can stabilize my situation.

Now to avoid this I have asked for assistance from the over 45000 plus folk who follow on my social media accounts.

This is the only other option but in all honesty it doesn't look good which is a little disappointing.

Am asking for 1000 1 out of 45 to donate $12.00 for the year this will help take care of  basic needs not asking for much just asking for help. Before things get out of hand and I will have no way back to stability. 

To be clear the reason in these situation was the primary care giver for my mother and now since she is gone have to cover basic needs.

Will like to give a shout out to them who was there a few who helped at this time of need, yet with their sincerity of heart it just wasn't enough folk. 

Yet nevertheless am so Appreciative of them and am sure if it wasn't for them being there not sure what state of mind would have been in so thank you. You know who you are.

Am not the type who is going to show off how i got over on my people showing off vaction spots or pictures of eating at a high class restaurant. When asking for support of the people this is the ultimate disrespect. 

A few say pray about it and God will provide an answer, well what if God say write this and see how many will support? Just saying. 

No one I think like to be in this state and beg,

Support Here Time is Crucial