The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Local coffee shop is ‘pouring’ sweet love into Winston-Salem

The Chronicle's Business of the Month: Local coffee shop is ‘pouring’ sweet love into Winston-Salem The post The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Local coffee shop is ‘pouring’ sweet love into Winston-Salem appeared first on WS Chronicle.

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Local coffee shop is ‘pouring’ sweet love into Winston-Salem

By Busta Brown

Grammy Award winner and platinum selling superstar, Anthony Hamilton, walks into a restaurant in Charlotte. “If you don’t have that tea, I’m not ordering any food,” Hamilton joked with William Furches III. Anthony lives near two of the restaurants William and his partners opened in Charlotte and in South Carolina. “When he comes into my restaurant, he calls me by my name. That made me feel special because he meets millions of people. It’s amazing that he’s a huge fan of my tea,” said an excited William. 

If you live in Winston-Salem, you may know William Furches III as “Cake Man Will.”  On Feb. 22, 2022, he opened Pour Coffee and Smoothie Bar in Downtown Winston-Salem. Pour serves roasted coffee, a variety of smoothie blends, and delicious baked goods. It’s become one of the main attractions in Downtown Winston-Salem. 

Pour also serves the same herbal tea that keeps Anthony Hamilton coming back for more. “I can’t keep it on the shelf,” said William.

The Twin City native’s signature Peach Cobbler Pound Cake, Moscato Wine Cake and, of course, his famous homemade herbal tea won him a nomination for Restaurant Week, which kicks off October 24-30.  Restaurants across the Triad compete in 12 different categories. “A few select restaurants will showcase our specialties and guests will come and get to taste and vote on the best restaurants in Winston Salem. Pour was nominated to be in the bakery section,” said the very proud Cake Man Will. 

He’s also the Food Service of the Year for Forsyth County. When you stop by Pour Coffee and Smoothie Bar, make sure you try their smoothies as well. “The number one seller is the Titan and the Winston Tower is also one of the top sellers, because it makes a great meal replacement. All of my smoothies are healthy for you  and everything is cut fresh and then frozen. Our desserts are fresh and made to order. Everything here is typically made the day of,  just a few hours before the store opens. 

“Not only are the products fresh, you can taste the flavor. If it’s a strawberry cake, it tastes like strawberries. If it’s a banana pudding cake, it tastes like banana pudding. I’m talking about the cake, not the icing with all of the flavored toppings on it,” boasted William. The 7-Flavor Pound, Brown Velvet, and Key Lime are a few more favorites.

When you walk into Pour Coffee and Smoothie Bar, the vibe is chill, classy and very welcoming, which is perfect for their Wine and Vibe and Spoken Word events on Friday nights. “We have different vendors, comedians, artists, singers, and poets. It’s just a chill night with no drama.”

In one area of the bar, I noticed a scale on the floor. So, of course, I asked why. “I just launched a health and wellness line as well. So, we’re doing a weight loss challenge for the next three weeks. Pour is shifting. We’re now offering CPR classes, bartending classes, and serve-safe classes for those who are in the food industry. 

“I recognize that some people aren’t aware that you must learn how to prep your food before you get into this business, so you don’t get anyone sick. You will be certified and you can take it to any restaurant. That restaurant will get a higher grade because you work there. With that certification, you’ll become an asset. We want to pour into our community,” shared the humble business owner.

William Furches III is an excellent example of humility. After Pour became the talk of the town and the hot spot for adults, he wasn’t afraid to share his recipe for success. “I helped start nine businesses outside of Pour and three of them are dessert businesses. I’m not selfish at all, because it’s enough money out here for all of us.” 

He learned that in 2011, while selling cupcakes at his former job. “It became a thing! Everyone would come to my desk or I would get me a cart and pull it all around the office and sell cupcakes. In October of 2011, I couldn’t fit any more money into this bin I carried. After counting how much money I was making, I started working for myself,” said William. 

On Sundays, Pour Coffee and Smoothie Bar has a vendor fair from 2-6 p.m., and they’re planning to add mini-business seminars as well. As Cake Man Will was speaking, I envisioned the resurrection of Black Wall Street in Winston-Salem. With the masterminds of powerhouses such Allan Younger, Reginald McCaskill, City Councilman James Taylor and others, it’s definitely possible.

Pour is not your typical coffee shop; it’s very upscale. It’s the perfect spot to have a top-of-the-line baby shower, wedding reception, great ambiance for a book signing and more. You’ll notice the color purple popping throughout the Pour Coffee and Smoothie Bar; the reason is bittersweet. William and his grandmother, Gracie Ingram, discussed opening Pour last September, but she passed. Then a week later, “I got the keys to the shop. Purple was her favorite color and also the color of royalty. I always have a little place called Lady Gracie Court and it’s become my hangout spot,” shared an emotional William. 

He’s an extremely busy man, yet God is always his top priority. “My mime ministry, Testimony Mime Ministry, has also been nominated for Mime Ministry of the Year 2022 by the Dunamis Gospel Awards Circuit. The ceremony is this November; God is still in the blessing business. 

“My favorite quote is ‘Do not despise small beginnings,’  I was selling cupcakes from my desk and now I have an award-winning business.” 

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month is Pour Coffee and Smoothie Bar. For more info, call 336-655-6637, stop by 102 West 3rd  Street in Winston-Salem, or email them

The post The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Local coffee shop is ‘pouring’ sweet love into Winston-Salem appeared first on WS Chronicle.