Tems Deemed First Nigerian Female to Win a Grammy

A big win for a big voice! Tems is changing history!

Tems Deemed First Nigerian Female to Win a Grammy

Tems is representing her country after winning big at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards.

The singer, whose real name is Temilade Openiyi, won an award at the ceremony on Feb. 5, for her contributions on Future’s “Wait For U” track, naming her the first Nigerian female singer to win a Grammy.

According to Nairametrics, the “Wait For U” song sampled one of the Nigerian singer’s songs, “Higher,” from her 2020 debut album For Broken Ears. The song was released on May 3, 2022 as Future’s second single on his ninth studio album, I Never Liked You.

Fans extended their congratulations to the artist on social media following the news.

However, some controversy has piled up surrounding the label that has been given to Tems.

Gospeller Reno Omokri voiced his perspective on social media saying Sade Adu, the singer who identifies as British and Nigerian who won a Grammy in 1986, is the first Nigerian to win the award.

“Sade Adu has always identified with Nigeria. When interviewed, she stressed her Nigerianness. She did not funkify her name to make it sound European,” Omokri wrote, according to Stallion Times.

“By saying someone else is the first Nigerian female to win a Grammy, what we are telling Ms. Adu is that she is not a Nigerian. I know many people will rush here to insult me. But before commenting, take a minute to put yourself in Sade Adu’s shoes,” he added.

Tems was also nominated for Album of the Year for her contribution to Beyoncé’s Renaissance album.

Business Day reported that the Nigerian singer made history in 2022 when she became the first female artist to debut at No.1 on the Billboard U.S. Afrobeat song charts with her song “Free Mind.”

The Grammy-winning “Wait For U” song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100. Reportedly, this named her the first African artist to debut at number one and recognition as the second Nigerian artist to top the chart.