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Southwest / Texas - 1 month ago

Texas Workers Are Dying on the Job at Alarming Rates

“Literally, we’re not holding employers liable for the lives of their workers.” A roofer works on a new home under construction in Houston. AP Photo/David J. Phillip In 2017, a worker in Texas died on the job every 16 hours. They died from elect...

Southwest / Texas - 1 month ago

Eye on Texas: Spike Johnston

Chris Qualls, 39, works as a deckhand on Ed Machaceh’s oyster boat off the coast of Palacios. I photographed him as part of a project on the Gulf of Mexico’s dead zone, the largest in the United States. This vast swath of oxygen-deprived water spread...

Southwest / Texas - 1 month ago

Company Men

Houston author Mike Freedman’s second satirical novel portrays the battlefield and the boardroom with delicious contempt. Illustration/Sunny Sone It’s every American’s God-given right to self-mythologize, even to the point of absurdity. Take the...