Supporting the Homeownership Journey

Wells Fargo is committed to closing the racial homeownership gap by partnering with HBCUs, providing financial literacy resources, and offering advice to homeowners facing financial hardship and to those looking to pass along assets to build generational wealth. The post Supporting the Homeownership Journey appeared first on The Atlanta Voice.

Supporting the Homeownership Journey
Ewunike Brady, Head of the Home Lending African American Segment for Wells Fargo

The homeownership journey is just that – an ongoing process that doesn’t simply start and end when you get the keys to your first home. In my role as the Head of the African American Segment with Wells Fargo’s Home Lending Diverse Segments team, I am responsible for creating and implementing strategies to address the disparity in wealth and homeownership that we face as a nation, with a specific focus on advancing Black homeownership. We are deeply committed to working hard to close the gap and create a more inclusive housing system. One way to do this is through education. In this year’s publication, we explore opportunities to build the knowledge and leverage the tools available to help provide confidence and support at each stage of homeownership.

We start with a spotlight on an exciting new partnership that underscores Wells Fargo’s commitment to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and the importance of laying a strong foundation of financial literacy on the path to future homeownership. The “A Different World tour,” visiting HBCUs throughout the country this year, aims to raise awareness and enrollment for HBCUs. Wells Fargo’s sponsorship celebrates HBCU culture and helps us offer college students helpful resources about scholarships, career opportunities, and building generational wealth.

Next, an interview with HomeFree USA shares the importance of getting prepared to buy a home before you’re ready to make an offer. Ensuring you’re ready to take such a huge financial step is easier with the information you need.

We round out this series with a focus on two topics that face those who already own a home. The first provides advice to help homeowners keep their home if they are facing financial hardship; the second outlines the importance of passing along assets, including real estate, to build generational wealth for future generations.

We hope this information provides a helpful framework for wherever you or your loved ones are on the path of homeownership. We’re proud to collaborate with industry, governmental, and local stakeholders in markets across the country to do what we can to address the racial homeownership gap and look forward to continuing this important work together. 

The post Supporting the Homeownership Journey appeared first on The Atlanta Voice.