Sister, Sister: Chloe Bailey Admits Feeling ‘Separation Anxiety’ Over Her And Halle’s Solo Careers

Chloe reveals the "separation anxiety" she feels being away from her sister.

Sister, Sister: Chloe Bailey Admits Feeling ‘Separation Anxiety’ Over Her And Halle’s Solo Careers

Chloe and Halle Bailey are just getting started on their solo endeavors and battling feelings of “separation anxiety” after years of performing alongside each other.

Chloe is gearing up for the release of her first full-length solo album, In Pieces. The album comes amid her standout roles in Donald Glover’s Swarm and the gospel comedy film Praise This.

It also follows a year of releasing solo singles like “Have Mercy” and “Teach Me” in the wake of her sultry stage performances that introduced fans to grownup Chloe and not the young teen who got her start posting YouTube videos covering Beyoncé songs with her sister.

Meanwhile, Halle is gearing up for her film debut as Ariel in Disney’s live-action rendition of The Little Mermaid. The growth in their solo careers highlights the talent Beyoncé saw when she signed the sisters to her Parkwood label in 2015.

But amid all the solo success, Chloe shared how accustomed she and her sister had gotten to working together.

“Both of us had a lot of separation anxiety,” Chloe told People about Halle going overseas to film. “We were attached at the hip ever since she came out of the womb.”

When it came to embarking on her solo career, Chloe admits the move was “really scary” for her.

“We both didn’t really know who we were individually without the other,” she said. “There was a moment of self-doubt where I was like, ‘Can I do this without my sister?”

There were even times when she doubted her solo singing ability and felt she sounded better with her sister.

“I didn’t even like the sound of my voice. I didn’t feel it was special without my sister’s voice layered with it,” Chloe explained. “I didn’t feel that what I brought to the table was special.”

But despite their busy solo schedules, Chloe shared how Halle supported her while recording her solo album.

“I’d be like, ‘I’m so scared. I don’t know if people want to listen to this. I don’t think I can do this without you,” Chloe said. “She’d be like, ‘You always tell me to let people see what you’ve always seen in me since we were little girls.'”

It’s only up from here for Chloe and Halle, and the “Have Mercy” star is excited about their futures.

“I’m so grateful to God that no matter if we are doing something within our group or individually, we are both simultaneously killing it,” Chloe declared. “I’m so proud of her.”