Sheriff Marion Brown and Dallas County’s New District Attorney Creuzot Sworn into Office New Year’s Day


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Sheriff Brown

Sheriff Brown has been a law enforcement veteran for over 30 years with most of those years in the Duncanville Police department. After sworn in by Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, Sheriff Brown stated her top priority would be “community engagement,” letting the community know that “we are here for them and that this is not just something that is here and separate and apart from the community. It’s indeed a part of the community, and we want to make sure they know that”. She also stated I want people to understand that the answer may not always be yes to the question they need answering but they have a listening hear and we are here to help when and where we can”.

Attorney Creuzot

Sheriff Brown is the first black sheriff in Dallas County and one of only three black women sheriffs in the country. District Attorney Creuzot has been a district judge in Dallas County for over 20 years where he also served as a prosecutor and a defense attorney.  He indicated he would be focusing on criminal justice reform, ending mass incarcerations in Dallas County with low-level offenders as his top priority.