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About Blacknewsportal

Its imperative that we listen to our narrative every now and then, it is a known fact that majority of the news that we read, filtered, hear is usually through white outlets.

Now many may say its a racist statement but in reality its reality. Since we in America speak English you have people from other countries who do have their own news sources and in most cases in their own language, that being said as a people we also have a way of writing and speaking that hit home.

So it is encouraged at least once a week check out Black news sources even though they may be few, yet our voice still remand powerful and as a people we need to be reminded of this.

If we say that we want unity we have to do unity not just give lip service.

Black News Sources http://www.blacknewsportal.com/page/black-news-sou...

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I'm using the picture of Malcolm simply because of his commitment to the unity of our people. I live in Detroit MI since can remember always had a passion for information, especially concerning us so this site is born out of that passion. Like this site I am still a process in work as well am sure others. Hope this will be your come to source to connect and feel our narrative our voices.