Now you see her, now you don’t

Now you see her, now you don’t [...] The post Now you see her, now you don’t appeared first on The Westside Gazette.

Now you see her, now you don’t

A Message From The Publisher

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

The million dollar question: Will Superintendent Cartwright right her cart by selecting an African American for the newest top executive position that has come about?

It would appear that executive leadership in Broward is short lived, like a cockroach in a chickencoop. Ooops, I better be careful. I don’t want to be accused of teaching CRT in Broward County Schools.  I am not speaking to the shakeup that is greatly anticipated by the release of new Broward  superintendent’s organization chart.  Instead, I marvel at the quick departure of the newly appointed Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Carmen Balgobin.

Superintendent Cartwright lured Balgobin to Broward into one of two newly added executive level positions in the organization chart.  These positions seemed rushed to be filled, as the complete chart is not due out until the middle of this month.

Awkwardly  for Cartwright, Dr. Balgobin, who has been in the newly created executive position  for what seemed like 30 days, has jettisoned BCPS, returning back to Volusia County  from where she hailed .

Just days after Balgobin was hired for the Deputy Superintendent position on Broward, the School Board from Volusia County fired its sitting superintendent, Ronald Scott Fritz, effective immediately. The very next day, Balgobin’s name was being circulated as a direct appointment to replace him.  Balgobin’s name is on the Volusia County Board meeting agenda to discuss her return as  superintendent.

Bye-Bye Balgobin.

While this may seem pretty shady and cause for Cartwright to be upset, it isn’t too surprising about what can happen in this system.

Judy Marte was the second deputy superintendent that was added by Cartwright last month. Under Superintendent Runcie Marte work as the Chief Finance Officer and resigned her post shortly after Runcie negotiated his departure. Marte took a position with Florida Virtual Schools and was with them less than a year before she was courted back to Broward by Cartwright as the Deputy Superintendent of School Operations. It is a bigger job with a bigger salary.

But, back to Balgobin. Interestingly, this just may be the opportunity for Cartwright to right her cart. She appeared to be “whitewashing” the district.

Balgobin, like a pulling guard, just opened her a clear path to the endzone for ensuring  that the 41 percent of Black children in Broward has someone who looks like them and cares for them  at one of the highest seats at the table.

Will she take the path to even consider a Black person who will valiantly represent the voice of Black students for this seat?

    The Westside Gazette is watching.

The post Now you see her, now you don’t appeared first on The Westside Gazette.