Local rapper $hyfromdatre making waves in music industry

Local rapper $hyfromdatre making waves in music industry The post Local rapper $hyfromdatre making waves in music industry appeared first on WS Chronicle.

Local rapper $hyfromdatre making waves in music industry

While a lot of people may think you have to move to a big city like New York or Atlanta to make it in the music industry, Winston-Salem native $hyfromdatre is proof that if you have the talent, you can make it from anywhere. 

Although she hasn’t been in the rap game long, $hyfromthetre already has a proven track record and millions of fans and listeners to go along with it. Her hit songs  “Go Bestfriend,” “1730 G,” and “6000 Degrees” have more than 20 million views on YouTube and all three have gone viral on Tik Tok. 

Last week The Chronicle sat down with $hyfromdatre to discuss her journey, navigating the music industry, the Face of the City Tour, and more. 

Q: When did you first start doing music? 

A: When I was around 15 or 14, that’s when I really was writing music and I would put the camera up and record myself and listen to how it would sound and it was horrible. 

Q: I know you attended Forsyth Tech Community College for a year. What was it that made you turn all your focus to music? 

A: I wasn’t really into school. I just felt like it wasn’t for me. I was thinking maybe this is something I could do later, but right now this isn’t what I want to do. And I was working at WalMart and I got fired, but I was already making music … So I decided I just wasn’t going to work and I was going to focus on my music. And my dad was really supportive and he let me take my time.

Q: Did you expect to blow up as fast as you did? 

A: I knew I had the city and the Triad on lock but I didn’t really think it was going to get any bigger than that. But when I dropped my first song (Eat Em’ Up) I got like 60,000 views in a month. So when I saw that, I knew I had to keep going, because at first, it was really just a bucket list thing. I didn’t really want to be a rapper, I just wanted to make a song for fun. 

Q: People know you as an artist and who you are in your music, but how would you describe your personality? 

A: I’m really goofy and I would also describe myself as humble and I’m not just saying that just to say it. A lot of people tell me before they meet me that they thought I was mean or stuck up, but I’m really the complete opposite. 

Q: Have any labels reached out to you? 

A: Yea. Really I’ve had almost every major label reach out to me – Def Jam, Republic, Universal, Atlantic. 

Q: I know you’re just coming off the Face of the City Tour, what was your favorite stop on the tour?

A: Houston (She said with a big smile). Houston showed mad love 

Q: I know you’re always writing and in the studio. When can we expect an album?

A: I’m trying to drop it this summer. Honestly. I’m working on it … I don’t really like to put dates on when I’m going to drop. I really just like to go with the flow. When I feel like I got it then I’ll drop it. 

Q: If you had 24 hours left to live, how would you spend it? 

A: I would pray and read my Bible all day. I should be doing that anyway, really. It shouldn’t take for me to feel like I’m on a clock, but you know … I feel it’s really important to get your soul right. 

Q: I know you were born and raised right here in Winston-Salem, and you even put the city’s nickname in your name. So what does Winston mean to you? 

A: This is my hometown and this is all I know. I was actually $hyfromdatre before I even started rapping. You know it’s hard coming out of Winston, we’re such a small city and we don’t get the recognition like Charlotte. We’re really slept on so I just wanted to put on for my city and let people know it doesn’t matter where you’re from. It doesn’t matter that we’re a small city, if you have the talent, what’s for you will be for you. 

The post Local rapper $hyfromdatre making waves in music industry appeared first on WS Chronicle.