LETTER TO THE EDITOR……. Manatee School Board Illegally Seized Lincoln Memorial Academy from Qualified Academics!!!


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Lincoln Memorial Academy parents shown protesting.

Illegally taking Lincoln Memorial Academy, the Manatee School Board has placed unqualified, para-professionals in charge of educating Palmetto children! The former head of transportation, a man without a 4-year degree, without a teaching certificate is now teaching Language Arts. Qualified Teachers were FIRED by the Manatee School Board but are still being listed on the master sheet. Eight Core teaching spots are on the schedule and FOUR are being taught by teacher’s aides who have associates degrees at best. The School Nurse is listed as teaching Agriculture! The E.S.O.L. aide is teaching language arts! The parent liaison is teaching 7th Grade Math! WHY ARE UNQUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS ALLOWED TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN?!

All the school buses provided by the Manatee School Board broke down on their first day of school! NO QUALIFIED TEACHERS! NO ADEQUATE EQUIPMENT!

MANATEE SCHOOL BOARD TOOK LINCOLN’S MONEY AND WON’T GIVE IT TO OUR CHILDREN! WHERE IS THEIR MONEY? WHERE IS THE EDUCATION? WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? This morning Palmetto residents marched in protest against the Manatee School Board! Palmetto children need quality education and quality educators, but the Manatee School Board DOESN’T CARE! Sincerely, C.J. Czaia Attorney At Law