Lee’s Summit Racism Scandal: White Kid Spews Hate Speech & Faces No Accountability Because Mom Is On School Board

The Kansas City Defender's investigation into racist hate speech by a school board member's daughter at Summit Christian Academy exposes a disturbing normalization of racial terror within the school's culture. The post Lee’s Summit Racism Scandal: White Kid Spews Hate Speech & Faces No Accountability Because Mom Is On School Board appeared first on Kansas City Defender.

Lee’s Summit Racism Scandal: White Kid Spews Hate Speech & Faces No Accountability Because Mom Is On School Board
October 2023, Screenshot of a snapchat video showing Summit Christian Academy Student spewing the N word

KANSAS CITY, MO – A deeply disturbing incident has emerged from Summit Christian Academy in Lee’s Summit, where a white student—and daughter of a school board member—was caught on a Snapchat video viciously and repeatedly using the N-word.

This student, allegedly shielded by her mother’s influential position, faced little repercussions, causing student outcry and highlighting a blatant disregard for accountability within the institution.

October 2023, Snapchat video featuring racist SCA student saying “you stupid n*gger”
Another video of the same student saying “come here little n*gger”
Screenshot of Summit Christian Academy website with an arrow pointing to Sarah Osborne, mother of the girl involved in the racist incident

The incident surfaced and was initially reported last October. It was brought to The Defender’s attention in early April, when numerous students began messaging our social media accounts, after a prolonged silence from the school’s administration.

Despite the students’ efforts to handle the matter through official channels, they say their concerns were blatantly ignored, leaving them no choice but to reach out to us.

Students say the delay was a calculated attempt by the school to bury the incident, reflecting a systemic evasion of responsibility that is alarmingly common within the school.

“It was brought to the principal because it made many students feel very uncomfortable, and the school did nothing…”

“Because her mom is on the school board she knows she can get away with anything, and she has.” one student who requested to remain anonymous due to the fear of retaliation told The Defender.

In email correspondence and phone conversations with our staff, Summit Christian Academy refused to answer whether or not the student has been suspended (allegedly out of privacy concerns). Numerous students who attend SCA say they’ve seen the student at school everyday since, that she had faced no punishment, and she remains on her sports teams.

Alarmingly, students told The Defender that the school’s reactive measures came only after The Defender pressed for accountability. Following our inquiry for an official statement, numerous student sources disclosed that the student was issued a mere one-day in-school suspension—a decision apparently spurred by our intervention and the revelation that the situation would be made public – rather than an internal commitment to justice.

When we approached Summit Christian Academy for confirmation, they maintained an evasive stance, neither confirming nor denying the suspension.

We also spoke with Sarah Osborne, the mother of the student, who says her daughter did face ISS, but also would not confirm if it was after the school realized we were covering the story.

Adding credibility to this problematic possibility, is that the mother, Sarah Osborne, who reached out to me directly and requested a phone call urgently (who I did have a conversation with), stopped answering my emails and phone calls when I asked her if it was true that the school suspended her daughter after they realized the story was about to be made public.

Understanding This Racist Scandal As An Outgrowth of White Christian Nationalism

This deplorable incident at Summit Christian Academy is not an anomaly but a local manifestation of the growing tide of white Christian nationalism sweeping across our nation. White Christian nationalism, an extremist ideology, merges Christian and American identities, excluding those who do not fit its narrow definition of “American.”

It seeks to maintain a social order that prioritizes white, Christian hegemony, at the cost of marginalizing and inflicting violence on communities of color. By ignoring the racial abuse perpetrated within its halls, SCA aligns itself with this dangerous ideology, which has been increasingly emboldened both regionally and nationally.

The complicity of institutions like SCA in fostering this climate cannot be understated. By failing to decisively condemn and rectify such incidents, they are as culpable as the ideologues pushing this extremist agenda.

Their inaction not only endorses but also perpetuates an environment where hate speech and racial terror are normalized under the guise of preserving ‘traditional values.’ It is essential to recognize and challenge these institutions, for their passive endorsement of such ideologies contributes directly to the systemic racism that erodes our societal fabric.

April 10, 2024 – Statement Summit Christian Academy to The Kansas City Defender

The school’s official response to The Defender was tellingly evasive, entirely omitting any reference to race, racism, hate speech, anti-Blackness, or white supremacy—effectively whitewashing & gaslighting the severity of the incident.

The events at SCA speak volumes about the normalization of white racial terror in schools and the systemic inadequacies in addressing such vile conduct.

That a student can blatantly incite hate speech, thereby endangering and inflicting violence upon Black students and face zero accountability – all while her mother holds one of the most powerful positions in the institution – proves vapid any such rhetoric the school purports about “equality” or even Christianity.

April 16th, 2024, Student testimony to The Defender that was verified by multiple students

Additional testimony from students, verified by multiple sources, underscored that this wasn’t a mere oversight but deliberate institutional complicity. These actions—or lack thereof—threaten not just individual students but the integrity and safety of the entire Black student body.

The Defender’s ongoing investigation into the matter has revealed a disturbing pattern of indifference at SCA, where responses are littered with hollow scriptural references, lacking any substantive acknowledgment or condemnation of the hatred and terror perpetrated within their walls.

This incident demands urgent attention and action, spotlighting a culture of unaccountability that protects and perpetuates racial hatred. Summit Christian Academy’s reluctance to enforce meaningful consequences not only betrays its own stated values but also signals a broader societal tolerance for such egregious behaviors.

The post Lee’s Summit Racism Scandal: White Kid Spews Hate Speech & Faces No Accountability Because Mom Is On School Board appeared first on Kansas City Defender.