Kevin Hart Bought An Eagle And Named it Jalen Hurts Out of Loyalty to the Philadelphia Eagles

Kevin Hart plays entirely too much!

Kevin Hart Bought An Eagle And Named it Jalen Hurts Out of Loyalty to the Philadelphia Eagles

Kevin Hart is such a superfan of the Philadelphia Eagles, he purchased an eagle and named it after the team’s quarterback Jalen Hurts!

If there’s one thing Kevin Hart makes clear, he is a proud Philly native and a die-hard Eagles fan. Ahead of Super Bowl LVII where the Eagles are set to face the Kansas City Chiefs, the “Jumanji” star took to TikTok on Tuesday to introduce the eagle he paid $16.5 million for and named after the Eagles MVP finalist quarterback.

“All right, people, the big game is coming up. … But before I get into how I’m celebrating I’m going to tell you why,” he said.

“Because I worked hard. I believe when you work hard, you should treat yourself, and that’s exactly what I did. Ladies and gentlemen I splurged a little bit. I went out and bought an eagle. Show it.”

@imkevinhart Fly eagles Flyyyyyy ???? #TikTok #NailedIt #TikTokKing ♬ original sound – Kevin Hart

The camera then pans over to a trainer who’s holding a real-life eagle.

“Yeah, yeah. I bought that. $16.5 mil, cash. I’m the only Black man with Eagle during Black History Month,” the comedian quipped.

“And, because it’s a wild animal, [the trainer] came with it. That’s right. So he lives here, two months, until he gets used to me. I named the eagle Jalen Hurts. Jalen! Got a big game coming up, baby you ready? Hey, when I say ‘fly Eagles fly,’ can he take a lap around the house?”

The trainer told the “Get Hard” star that the eagle could not fly throughout his house.

“Well they should have told me that before I bought it. They didn’t tell me that,” Hart joked.

“So somebody’s got to get some type of refund. We’ll discuss that later. Either way, I’m about to make myself what I want to call a Screaming Eagle. It was called mellow mojito but I changed the name. We celebrating all week. Big game coming up. Big moves. And I got an eagle. Jalen! You live here now. Welcome home.”


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Hart went on to promote the Gran Toramino tequila he was drinking. His famous friends and followers left comments on his Instagram post in response to Hart’s new purchase.

“Hi Jalen,” the official Eagles page wrote.

“I pray for this eagle to claw your eyes out ???? ????????,” The Rock said. “I know how scared you are of wild animals so this brings me great joy.”