Keep Your ‘Cookie’ from Crumbling by Avoiding These Foods    

Keep Your ‘Cookie’ from Crumbling by Avoiding These Foods     

The phrase “you are what you eat” takes on a whole new meaning when talking about vaginal health. Certain foods can affect pH balances for the ladies causing a myriad of issues for the love below. Alternatively, eating the right foods can improve overall vaginal health and help you become a tasty treat for someone sweet.


Medical studies have proven a direct relation between diet and health. Just as diabetes and high blood pressure can be attributed to foods high in fat, sugar and cholesterol, there are foods that can contribute to problems for the vagina. Yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections are common occurrences for unbalanced diets. High acidity in foods can also greatly affect pH balance causing dryness and irritation creating more work for your partner and a unpleasurable experience for you.


Winter brings cuddle weather. To be sure you are ready when bae takes cuddling to the next level, keeping your diet intact will keep the party going all night long.


  1. Alcohol:This oneis not going to go over well. While a few drinks may not affect your vaginal health, it can create dryness if drunk in excess. Dryness can lead to pain during intercourse and small abrasions can be caused by friction, making it easy for bacteria to enter the precious pot.


  1. Sweets: If you have a sweet tooth, a diet rich in sugar can have major effects on the body. Aside from increasing the chances of weightgain, diabetes and dental issues, sugars can increase the amount of yeast in the body. The increase of bad bacteria and yeast can lead to a yeast infection orbacterial vaginosis, commonly known as BV. Reducing the amount of sugar in the body can improve overall health and lower the chances of developing a yeast or bacterial infection.


  1. Asparagus:This vegetable is a popular dish for vegans and vegetarians. Rich in vitamins, asparagus is a quick cook and pairs well with many flavors. Despite its health qualities, as asparagus breaks down in the body, it can cause an odor when going to the bathroom. Asparagus can throw off pH balances which then leads to vaginal smells. If you have a date planned with your boo and dinner is on the menu, avoid this vegetable so you can be dessert.


  1. Fried foods:You won’t have to put the fried chicken away just yet, but bemindful of a diet rich in fried foods. Like asparagus, fried foods can cause a vaginal odor and throw off pH balance. Additionally, high-fat foods have been associated with cases of bacterial vaginosis.


  1. Onions:Bad breath aside, onions can produce that smell from your pores and ultimately your vagina. Urine, much like other foods on this list, will have a strong smell resembling an onion.


  1. Cheese and other dairy products:Dairy is notoriously known for having high levels of bacteria. Some dairy, like plain yogurt, contains probiotics, natural and healthy bacteria for the love below. These probiotics help promote a stable bacterial environment for vaginal health. Cheese and milk are not so lucky. These dairy products are rich in bad bacteria and thus can lead to the dreaded yeast infection.


  1. Coffee:Driving to get the obligatory cup of morning Joe has become routine for many on the commute to the office. Coffee can stain teeth, cause bad breath and cause vaginal odors.


Before you cut these foods out of your diet entirely, moderation is the name of the game. Consuming these foods occasionally may not pose the same results in comparison to a diet heavy with these foods. Foods that affect vaginal smells may have an immediate impact.


It is important to note that both yeast infections and bacterial infections can be recurring. Though it is not a cure, water is one of the body’s best defenses. Water is a natural replenisher and drinking the recommended amounts of water will help the body to process toxins and flush them through as waste.