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The City of Chicago, Cook County and 9 municipalities within Cook County will file an application for a U.S. Department of Justice 2019 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG). The FY 2019 Appropriations Act authorized the Director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance to make funds available to units of local government under the JAG Program for the purpose of reducing crime and improving public safety.  The 2019 JAG guidelines require assurance that “(a) the application described above (and any amendment to that application) was made public; and (b) an opportunity to comment on that application (or amendment) was provided to citizens and to neighborhood or community-based organizations, to the extent applicable law or established procedure made such an opportunity available.”  Until August 16th, individual or organization comments about the JAG application are hereby invited. Comments can be mailed to Delia Rollins, Chicago Police Department, Unit #720, 3510 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60653. Comments can also be sent by e-mail to delia.rollins@chicagopolice.org. Copies of the application are available on written request.