Jessika Ward: A Letter to the Community


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Dear TEMPO News Readers and Family, I received texts and e-mails from inquiring minds who wondered why my column was missing in the past two issues. I apologize. I was on Martha’s Vineyard with friends and until this trip I wasn’t inspired. While I was away I did a lot of thinking about purpose and calling. Being on Martha’s Vineyard with people I attended college with made me think about my current place in life— mainly my career and location. 

I thought about my own purpose and calling. I also thought about what it means to be called to do something and what it means to understand one’s purpose in life. I decided that one’s purpose and calling is not a decision that’s made by a person for their own life, but a destiny that existed as soon as birth. Beyonce’s career may look appealing and glamorous, influencing the masses to have a goal of becoming an international superstar who sings; however, our purpose and calling may lead these influenced individuals into another direction that they did not map out. 

In order for an individual to be ready to fulfill their purpose and calling, a person has to break free. One must uncage themselves from society’s bars and truly be free. There are several bars that cage people— peer pressure, financial pressure, anxiety, insecurities, materialism, pain, and other internal and external battles. When stepping into purpose and answering the call, sometimes you will be alone, but you can learn so much from the times that you sit alone in silence. You can learn more during those times than the times you’re sitting around people and even the time you spend in a classroom setting. 

I believe there is more power in the knowledge that you attain sitting in a quiet room than when you’re spending time with people who are probably just talking about something someone else said, something someone else heard, or something someone else learned. Paying attention to yourself and your own life experiences can teach you what to do ornottodointhenext moment. 

With that being said, I know my purpose. Thank you for your feedback and thank you for sending me messages about my column. With love, Jessika Ward