Homecoming season in full effect

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Homecoming season in full effect

Homecoming season is upon us. Alumni from high schools, colleges and universities around the country are returning to fellowship with family and friends. When it comes to Winston-Salem, I must say that I was highly impressed from what I saw from the Carver High School Alums.

The part that I was most impressed with was all of the positive energy from all of the former Carver students on my social media timeline. I really enjoyed seeing all of the photos and great stories from those who had the opportunity to attend the school.

From those that I talked with over the weekend, the entire night of homecoming was incident free, which is also great to hear. I love it when my people come together and have a good time with one another without conflict. After recent disturbances at a few local youth sporting events, it was nice to hear that there were none at Carver’s homecoming game.

I was told that there was almost a situation between some young people at the game. Instead of the situation getting out of control, it was stopped by older alums that told the young people that if they wanted to continue doing that, they would have to go off campus to do so. I liked hearing that, because that’s how it was when I was growing up. The older guys made sure the young kids who were in school did right. It’s not that way as much anymore.

Since coming to The Chronicle in 2015, I have been able to learn more about the city’s history, especially when it comes to sports and how things were in years past. It was interesting to hear about how Carver was once a powerhouse when it came to several sports. State championships, All-Americans and Division I scholarships seemed to be the norm for the Yellowjackets when it came to sports.

They are fighting to get back to that type of glory, but it seems to be an uphill battle for Carver. Lower student enrollment has meant a smaller talent pool to pull from, thus forcing Carver to drop classifications from 3A, all the way down to the 1A level. With students able to go to any high school they want, I am not sure if Carver will ever have the chance to get back to the heights they once enjoyed a couple of decades ago.

Hearing about how good Carver used to be and its history reminds me of Dudley High School in Greensboro. If I am not mistaken, both schools served only African American students prior to integration and are historic landmarks. Both schools have a history of sports excellence, but for some reason Dudley has continued to prosper, especially in football, while Carver is still struggling. It would be nice to see the city and the people get behind Carver like they do for Dudley in Greensboro.

What disappointed me this weekend was some of the negative comments I saw on social media regarding Carver’s homecoming. I understand good natured joking between schools but some of these posts were downright nasty. What’s wrong with people enjoying a homecoming celebration? Why do some people feel the need to try and steal other people’s joy during a time of happiness?

As I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday, I came across a post from Ms. Shannon Brooks that fully encompassed how I felt about the negative comments floating around social media pertaining to Carver.

“Welp, here I am … this time I’m on ONE!!  This past week/weekend, I have seen quite a few posts about Carver and our Homecoming. Some of the comments were done in a joking manner and I totally understand because back in the day and even now, we all have joked about and clowned each other’s schools.

“But some of the comments I read were downright disrespectful and no, I’m not going to screenshot or even mention what I saw, but I’m gonna tell you all who have so much s@%t to say about Carver this … and when I say it I want you to hear me good (as my Great Grandma used to say) …

“If you are not volunteering at your alma mater to show the students that you care and that you are supporting them then you can have several seats!! If you aren’t coming to support the kids during their extracurricular activities and showering them with love and support … you also can have several seats!!

“Oh, and for the ones of you who love to talk about what the football and basketball teams, band and any other sport/activity does or doesn’t do and you like to talk ish, let me tell you this … I’ve been to see the students play a sport and play in the band and I see them give their all!! Yeah, we may not have a winning record like we had years ago BUT them babies give it their all!! When I see the band and I see them babies blowing into those instruments and dancing in the stands and on the field, they are giving it their all!!  Some of them have way more determination and heart than a lot of you!!

So, with that, I hope you all have a great rest of your day!! Oh, and before you try and come for me … let me tell you this … I am a volunteer and I most definitely show up at Carver to show them babies that someone cares. I show up at the games and I make sure I’m cheering my Carver babies on!! You see, I’m not new to this … I’m true to this!! My Carver babies know that Ms. Shannon loves them and will shake Hell over them too!!

“I’m going to rock with my school and for my school until the day God calls me home and I will go to war for my school and my Carver Babies!!

“So instead of coming on my post trying to come for me … go and download the volunteer application and do something productive for your own school!! Because coming on my page and thinking you’re going to talk crazy to me about my school, the alumni and my Carver Babies … YOU GOT THE RIGHT ONE TODAY!!  I GOT TIME TODAY!!”

I have to admit that I was smiling ear to ear when I was reading her comment. Ms. Brooks was totally on point with her comment. People shouldn’t be trying to rip these kids and alumni but instead should celebrate alongside them because it’s the only one of the Big Four schools remaining. That type of history can’t be overlooked or forgotten.

It’s not the kids’ fault that the school is not where it used to be. We need to give them credit for fighting hard not only on the field or court of play, but also for fighting hard in the classroom. I think there are a number of reasons for Carver’s decline, but the kids and homecoming have nothing to do with it.

I said it once and I’ll say it again. The city of Winston-Salem has limitless potential in many different areas such as art, innovation, sports, music, creativity, religion. If that negative energy that was used to tear down Carver and its homecoming was used for good, who knows what great things could come from it. Together is the only way to prosper. 

Oh, and next year I will definitely be in the building for the Jackets homecoming to experience the fun for myself.

The post Homecoming season in full effect appeared first on WS Chronicle.