H-E-B Giving Opportunity to Local Black-Owned Business from Houston’s District D


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Eleven86 Real Artesian Water Has Launched in Houston

ABOVE: Council Member Dwight Boykins (District D), with the owners and representatives of Eleven86 Real Artesian Water and Legacy Distribution

Supporting Black businesses has to go beyond being a slogan and must become a reality for Black entrepreneurs who are trying to build their businesses and improve their quality of life.

Thanks to the efforts of local elected officials and businesses, a qualified Black business in the Greater Houston area has partnered to distribute a new product to the Greater Houston area.

As of this past Saturday, August 3rd, Eleven86 Real Artesian Water has been placed at various H-E-B stores across the Greater Houston area, including the H-E-B located at 6102 Scott and Old Spanish Trail; the Gulfgate H-E-B located at 3111 Woodbridge; and the Kempwood & Gessner H-E-B located at 10251 Kempwood.  Depending on the sales at these locations, it is highly possible that the water could be made available at the new H-E-B MacGregor Market that is slated to open off of Highway 288 and N. MacGregor early next year.

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water has partnered with Legacy Distribution, LLC, who secured the contract to distribute their product.  Legacy Distribution is a minority-owned firm that is headquartered at 4820 Old Spanish Trail, and their distribution center is housed at 5301 Polk, both located in Houston’s historic District D area.

This past Friday, Council Member Dwight Boykins (District D) joined the owners and representatives of Legacy Distribution for a press conference at the Houston City Hall Annex to announce the exciting news.

“I want to personally thank H-E-B for partnering with local businesses,” said Council Member Boykins. “This partnership will create job opportunities and I’m extremely excited about that.”

Marquis Forge, who is the CEO of MRaine Industries, along with his partners, researched the chapters of the Bible and named the product after the number of chapters, 1186.

This is Eleven86 Real Artesian Water’s first market launch outside of the Alabama market, where they are headquartered.  Forge chose Houston as one of their sites because he felt the city would benefit from their branded Eleven86 Real Artesian Water.

“We are excited that we have partnered with Legacy Distribution to distribute our water to this great city,” said Forge. “This is our first voyage to Texas and we are excited to know that Eleven86 will be allowed to fly off the shelves and show everyone in Houston what real water is all about.”

During the first year of launch, Eleven86 took Alabama by storm and has become the fastest-growing bottled water brand in Alabama. This success resulted in Eleven86 being recently named as the Official State Water of Alabama.

Eleven86 is sourced from a confined, pristine aquifer that lies hundreds of feet below the earth’s surface. The aquifer is hundreds of thousands of years old and is completely protected by prehistoric, limestone bedrock. Eleven86 is bottled at the source with nothing added or taken away. It is one of the purest waters ever tested and this ultra-premium quality water comes to consumers at a mainstream price.

Currently, only the most expensive water brands on the market compare to the quality of Eleven86, but those other brands are from countries around the world. Eleven86 is American-born and proudly sourced and bottled in the U.S.A.

To learn more about Eleven86 Real Artesian Water’s unique brand and their remarkable story, please visit them at www.eleven86water.com.  You can also follow Eleven86 on Facebook and Instagram @eleven86water.