Ensemble Theatre: ‘Cast Me Dammit’ premieres Oct. 9

Ensemble Theatre premieres ‘Cast Me Dammit’ Oct. 9.

Ensemble Theatre: ‘Cast Me Dammit’ premieres Oct. 9

Cast Me Dammit!, the new web series co-created by Michelle Elaine and Nickclette Izuegbu, inspired by their journeys as actors, is about to come to life.

Cast Me Dammit! will premiere, immersive experience style, at The Ensemble Theatre on Oct. 9 at 7 p.m. in an exclusive red-carpet event.

“We are thrilled to host the premiere of Cast Me Dammit! at The Ensemble Theatre,” said Eileen J. Morris, artistic director of The Ensemble Theatre. “This web series is funny, heartwarming and inspiring, and it perfectly aligns with our mission to celebrate African American artistic expression.”

This hilarious series satirizes the difficulties many artists face in their careers. Cast Me Dammit! centers on Evey, a struggling actress, who enlists her friends to help create the ultimate demo reel in hopes that this demo reel will help her book more work.

Cast Me Dammit! contains a very quirky-yet-relatable, quick-paced humor that is perfect for prime-time television format. Co-created and co-written by Michelle Elaine and Nickclette Izuegbu, Cast Me Dammit! is reminiscent of Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’ blended with a touch of ‘homegirl humor’ from shows like ‘Living Single’ and ‘Girlfriends.’

Phyllis James is ready for the Oct. 9 premiere and plans to bring friends.

“A homegirl of mine told me about the web series, and I check it out,” said James. “It was hilarious. So, when I heard, they were going to live and in living color at the Ensemble, I told my homegirl, ‘Oh, we goin’ and bringing whoever we can with us.’”

Baby Boomer Todrick Smith is a Cast Me Dammit! fan too.

“I’m old school, so it took me some convincing, but my daughter and granddaughter wouldn’t stop talking about that show” shared Smith. “One day I fooled around and watched it with them, and I’ve been hooked since. I’m buying them tickets to see it live. I just might come with them too.”

Michelle Elaine, a popular actress amongst the Houston theatre community (POTUS, Sweat, Clue), has been featured in numerous shows at Alley Theatre last season. Elaine was also recently awarded 2023 Best Supporting Actress by Houston Press for her portrayal of ‘Clyde’ in The Ensemble Theatre’s production of Clyde’s. Nickclette Izuegbu is a Harvard and UT Austin (M.F.A) graduate. Izuegbu toured as Barbara Jordan in The Ensemble Theatre’s TourEd production of I, Barbara Jordan.

In addition to co-creating Cast Me Dammit! Elaine stars opposite two other familiar faces to the Houston theatre scene, Troi Coleman (Thunder Knocking at My Door, ROE, A Motown Christmas) and Krystle Liggins (Clyde’s).

For Houston’s theatre-goers, this series will surely be a treat as audiences will have the opportunity to see some of their favorite stage actresses on screens large and small! Cast Me Dammit! is directed Cayn King of BLKJAGFilms, who is known for his upcoming series, Houwood.

Co-funded by a BOLD Ventures grant and The Ensemble Theatre, Cast Me Dammit! was fundamentally inspired by and executed with an educational and instructional component. High school and college female interns of color were engaged in hands-on experience from pre-to-post production, and were a vital element of the collaborative process. Cast Me Dammit! has the honor of employing an entirely Black crew, and an all-Black female design team, on this Black female-centric story. Cast Me Dammit! is co-produced by The Ensemble Theatre and the Helen Gurley Brown Foundation, both institutions committed to female empowerment.