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Dr. J. Ester Davis
Dr. J. Ester Davis

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By Dr. J. Ester Davis

Last week as most print edition newspapers were being distributed we learned that the Honorable Elijah Cummings had died.  Maryland’s 7th Congressional District was represented by Elijah Cummings (D), but he eternally belong to the entire universal through his works, integrity and accessibility.

Born to Baptist Preachers and a family of Southern sharecroppers, Elijah Cummings grew up in racially frail Baltimore. He was always a drum major for justice integrating a local swimming pool in the 1950’s.   So much has been written, spoken and recorded about the civil rights innovator this entire week of United States Flags at half-staff.

Arthur Fuller, formerly a resident of Washington, DC, United States Navy Retired,   remembers meeting Elijah Cummings at the civil right rallies continuing into the 70’s, held at New Bethel Baptist Church when Rev. Walter Frontroy was Pastor and a member of Congress.

Lay Leader Susan Grant, former Dallas Urban League Executive, remembers Mr. Cummings at numerous National Urban League Conventions sent ‘condolences to the family, and to all of the lives this outstanding statesman touched.  We honor and pray for his legacy and for his tireless work for the American people and beyond’.

The Rev. T. L. Brown, Pastor of New Mt. Zion Baptist Church and esteemed President, Dallas Baptist Union, sitting in a barber chair took my call and said “he was such an example for all of us.  He was an icon in our community, a great voice”.

Texas Art Writer/Critic Gary Reece remembers,  “when asked about getting to the bottom of all this mess concerning Russia meddling in our elections and questions concerning the President’s involvement in stopping The Muellar Report, Congressman Cummings said ‘as sure as night follows day and day follows night, we will get to the truth for the American People’.

Congressman Cummings has to be among the high ranking dying breed of civil rights masters. The word “legacy” seems too light compared to his reported 5,200 pieces of legislations he introduced during his total career as a lawmaker.  Maybe former Vice President Joe Biden said it best, “Cummings, always knew exactly where he was supposed to be”.