Counter-protests scheduled as racists rally at Stone Mountain Park on Saturday


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The FrontLine Organizations Working to
End Racism (F.L.O.W.E.R.) coalition of more than thirty anti-racist
groups and community organizations have announced their meeting point
for Saturday, August 15th. The coalition invites residents of Stone
Mountain, metro Atlanta, and the South, to show up in large numbers
against the racist and far-Right demonstrations at Stone Mountain Park
that day.

On Saturday, the F.L.O.W.E.R. coalition will meet at 9AM sharp at 950
Main Street in the community of Stone Mountain. The coalition has also
published a FAQ on its website about what to expect on the day and how
to prepare.

Leaders such as Chester Doles, who has spent decades in the white
supremacist movement, are rallying their numbers for a display of
intimidation. The event is also being discussed on Stormfront, a
notorious white power forum linked to almost a hundred murders. Another
group that is mobilizing, the “Confederate States III%” (CSIII%)
militia, uses the misleading slogan of “heritage not hate.”
Representatives from this group boast that they have been provided a
permit by Park authorities.

The CSIII% mobilization also features explicit white nationalists such
as Jan W. Dupree of Florida. Dupree, who is working with CSIII%
leadership, participated in 2018’s “Unite the Right 2” – the sequel to
the violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia the year before. CSIII%
leader Debbie Guin’s misleadingly named “Heritage Not Hate” private
group features white supremacist John Michael Estes – a primary
organizer for a white power rally at Stone Mountain Park in 2016 – among
many other racist organizers. CSIII% are clear that they are holding an
anti-Black Lives Matter rally, which combined with Stone Mountain’s Ku
Klux Klan history, ensures that their event will attract white
supremacists in large numbers.

Past attempts at racist rallies have proved that the best defense is to
come together in even larger numbers as a show of community strength and

“Stone Mountain Park is facilitating a white power display of
intimidation,” says Sam Miller of the F.L.O.W.E.R. coalition. “This is
not surprising, since the Park’s carvings celebrate racist terror. We
invite everyone to take part in a large and diverse protest against the
racists on Saturday.”

For more information on the F.L.O.W.E.R. coalition and its August 15
protest, visit:

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