Choose Your Life


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Rise and shine it’s time to get back to the grind. It’s Monday! So you know what that means. Yes. Yes. It’s another week, another day, another opportunity to succeed. The sun is finally peaking out and guess what? You made it!

You made it through despite your struggles and daily temptations. You made it despite everything that seems to go wrong. You made it! That’s something to be proud of.

Being proud, content, and acknowledging where you are now has a great impact on where you will be. You are what you attract and studies say you attract what you think. For instance, if you always acknowledge your faults and failures with a negative attitude, it’s a lot easier to identify with negativity and that’s what you will begin to attract.

However if you begin to acknowledge the positive things that are happening in your life with an optimistic attitude, more positive things are likely to happen that you can easily identify with. See, everyone has a choice. People can happiness daily or they can choose chaos.

You can either wake up today with a plan execution or you can wake up and go with the flow like every other day. Either way the choice is yours. Granted there are times where dysfunction is all you know; Toxic environments is all you know; The lack of motivation is all you know. That’s makes it imperative to reflect and adjust.

In situations like these I personally want to encourage to make a change. If you want to see a change in your lifestyle, make the change. Nobody changes by staying the same. That means you may have to read more books. Gain more knowledge. Continue to self teach and take advantage of any programs that seem fit for the lifestyle that you really want.

It’s a process and a process worth doing. You are your greatest asset. What you feed your mind determines what you will do with your time. Therefore never be afraid to go further. When you challenge yourself, the outcomes are incredible win or lose. Don’t be afraid to be different and make different choice. Life is all about choices. What life do you choose today?

-LaShawnda S. Wilkins (@speaklifeshawnie)