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Southeast / Louisiana - 2 weeks ago

IBPOEW Makes Impact in NOLA

It didn’t take long for members of the Improved Benevolent & Protective Order of the Elks of the World to make their impact on New Orleans. The IBPOEW held their 120th Grand Lodge and 116th Grand Temple International Convention in New Orleans, a...

Southeast / Louisiana - 2 weeks ago

Did You Insult or Exalt God Today?

August 7, 2019James A. Washington, Publisher of the Dallas Weekly News James A. Washington Have you succumbed to the notion yet that prayer will get you through it? The ‘it’ I’m referring to is EVERYTHING. If the truth be told and you’re like me,...

Southeast / Louisiana - 2 weeks ago

A Champion’s Journey

Edwin Buggage Editor-in-Chief From Destrehan to Destiny Ed Reed is an athlete who personifies excellence both on and off the field. Throughout his illustrious football career, he’s been a champ, breaking records and winning a national title in...

Southeast / Louisiana - 2 weeks ago

New Orleans Funk in Hollywood, The Mint LA

Diva Dionne Character Entertainment Columnist Los Angeles – CA  The Capitol of Entertainment, bright lights and beautiful faces,  tacos trucks on street corners, fresh cut fruit sprinkled in cayenne pepper, the smell of cannabis in the air, pal...

Southeast / Louisiana - 2 weeks ago

Satchmo Summer Fest

Effram Hill Photographer Satchmo SummerFest was an amazing event as the attendees from around the world enjoyed performances by many of the greats of New Orleans Music and Data News Weekly was There!!! Recommended For You. The Spears Group...

Southeast / Louisiana - 2 weeks ago

Home Assessment Information

Recommended For You. It Takes A Village NEW ORLEANS – The Mayor’s Office of Youth and Families, the Office of Criminal Justice Coordination and the Director of X

Southeast / Louisiana - 2 weeks ago


Jay Conner Blogger With the encouragement of our President, America has gone to great lengths to paint minorities as criminals, parasites and in some instances, terrorists. But after the latest pair of mass shootings this weekend, i...

Southeast / Louisiana - 2 weeks ago

Qualifying for Oct. 12 Primary Begins Aug 6.

Campaign signs have lined yards and roadways for several weeks now, and finally the official qualifying period for the upcoming Oct. 12 gubernatorial primary is here, taking place Aug. 6-8. A number of candidates are expected to vie for statewide of...

Southeast / Louisiana - 3 weeks ago

Mayor Cantrell Kicks Off #HerNOLA Initiative

Mayor LaToya Cantrell, through her Office of Youth & Families (OYF), held the first-ever “Ladies Power Hour” Wednesday (July 31) for an evening of female empowerment, networking and entertainment. The event served as the kickoff for Mayor Cantre...