Burlington Coat Factory Called Out for Displaying Black Santa With Ethnic Sounding Names

Why doesn't White Santa's list have "Black-sounding" names? We need answers Burlington Coat Factory!

Burlington Coat Factory Called Out for Displaying Black Santa With Ethnic Sounding Names

Burlington Coat Factory is receiving mixed reactions on social media for the Black Santa figurine on display that holds a list of Black-sounding names.

TikTok user Sami Jo Williams posted a video showing the difference between the Black and white Santa Claus on display at her local Burlington.

“Wtf Burlington ???????????? Why are the lists so different y’all?” she captioned the short video clip.

In the video, Williams pans over to show the two diverse Santas placed alongside each other and holding a long list of names.

“Look White Santa has got Daniel, Mary, Patrick, Mindy, Christian,” Williams says before panning over to the Black Santa.

“Black Santa, he’s got La’Shawn, Terrence, Damien, LeToya. Like what the fu*k?” Williams asks while laughing.

@samijo3309 Wtf Burlington ???????????? Why are the lists so different y’all? #burlington #pcb #fyp #StemDrop001 #FomotionalFinds ♬ original sound – Sami Jo Williams

Viewers shared their mixed reactions to what appeared to be Burlington’s failed attempt at diversity.

“I can’t decide if this is hilarious or wildly inappropriate,” one user wrote.

“As a LaToya, I’m happy to see my name on anything ???????????? I’ve never been able to buy a little name plate,” added someone else.

One user even requested a “Mexican Santa.”

Over on Twitter, one user asked the community to “peep the name” difference between the two Santas.

Clearly, the Black Santa contained a different set of names seemingly made to represent the Black community. While some users credited the different names for serving as a “representation” of diverse communities, others found it offensive.

“What’s the problem ?? U want black names on the white Santa’s list ??? I’m confused,” one user wrote.

“Why yt Santa got more names on his list?” another user jokingly added.

Overall, most seemed pleased with the nod toward diversity and inclusion by way of a Black Santa. We just might see more Black Santas flying off the store shelves this year.