Black-Owned RideShare App Is Revolutionizing The Industry For Drivers and Riders During Uber & Lyft Strike

Catch a ride just in time to celebrate the Memorial weekend or get in on the rideshare app's revolutionary wave to disrupt the industry.

Black-Owned RideShare App Is Revolutionizing The Industry For Drivers and Riders During Uber & Lyft Strike

While hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers prepare to strike, Black-owned and operated Quik Carry is taking the wheel to the bustling city of Atlanta. Catch a ride just in time to celebrate the Memorial weekend or get in on the rideshare app’s revolutionary wave to disrupt the industry.

Operating in several cities, Quik Carry is offering a unique experience that aims to play a pivotal role in fostering economic empowerment within communities. The company takes pride in being Atlanta and South Florida’s 100% Black-owned ride-sharing app delivering exceptional service to passengers and drivers while championing the importance of Black-owned businesses, according to a press release obtained by BLACK ENTERPRISE.


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According to 11Alive, there will be less Uber and Lyft vehicles on the streets this upcoming busy holiday weekend. Disgruntled rideshare drivers have been vocal about low wages, unsafe conditions and unfair policies that leave gas tanks and pockets empty. A source told the news outlet that up to 500 drivers have agreed to stay home and the number is expected to increase to the thousands as the weekend approaches.

Check out the ways in which Quik Carry is revolutionizing the rideshare industry.


Studies have shown that ridesharing reduces traffic congestion, eliminates carbon emissions, and contributes to a more sustainable future. On the other hand, as demand for rides increases, the driver supply decreases, and the price of rides increases. Cost-effective transportation is just one of Quik Carry’s priorities.

For example, riders can gain from Quik Carry’s unparalleled affordability, including lower rates than those of Uber and Lyft. Passengers can also have an enjoyable experience in one of the company’s current fleet of sprinters and black trucks. Drivers can have the potential to bring home 100% of their earnings.

“Drivers are the ultimate beneficiaries of utilizing an innovative business model,” according to the company’s announcement. “During their first month of driving, they receive a remarkable 100% of their earnings, while subsequent rides provide them with an ongoing 50% share, making Quik Carry the most profitable option for drivers in the market.”

Driver empowerment

What’s more? Quik Carry is bringing a new initiative to the table. The company is striving to drive economic growth through a 50/50 split program for its partners to foster stronger relationships with local businesses. This looks like encouraging companies to share the value of supporting Quik Carry with their clientele while benefiting from the partnership.

Passenger safety

If you’re lone passenger, it can be worrisome to take a rideshare late at night. Uber’s 2019-2020 Safety Report states that  99.9%  of all Uber rides are completed without incident. However, in July 2022, Uber made headlines after getting hammered with lawsuits from as many as 550 women passengers across the U.S. who have alleged they were assaulted by drivers on the platform.

Quik Carry is taking action.

“Passenger safety is of paramount importance to Quik Carry. In line with this commitment, the company conducts rigorous background checks on all drivers to ensure passengers feel secure during their journeys,” as per the press release.

“By implementing these stringent measures, Quik Carry establishes a trustworthy environment that prioritizes the well-being of its customers.”

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