Black Empowerment Brothers

Black Empowerment Brothers a site for Black men to uplift encourage each other without validation.

Black Empowerment Brothers

As reflect over my time here on this planet as being a Black male living in this country the things that have witness nd felt is mind bollgling at times. I think of all the mistakes that have been made out of rage and disappoinment and in that rage and dissapoment others become hurt by our actions.

Now with this being all said I grew up in the heat of the Blackpowermovment and had a glimpse of the Civil Rights movment so I feel had the best of Both wolds now was a child and just coming of age during this period so Community Black power political education was all a part of my foundation. On the other end Blacksplotation movies came on the sencen and this had a begtive impact also many of us are in denial of this but these movies just creatied feel good momemnts and temporary eupohria. You didnt know weaheter to be a pipm player preacher or a hustler getting so called paid a leeach of our oen people.

The unfortunate thing when came of age during the 80's a recesicion hit and unemployment was high as hell for Black men very diffucult times with out relizing it then after all that crake came and divstatied almost any hope of Black power Black community etc.... My only older Brother died during this period.

Getting to the point of Black Empowerment Brothers this is a website that will be a gateway of advice consltiong and support from various angles. the whole concept is to help us as Black men navagate all the distractions that come our way. 

This site will not be for us all because there are Brothers who are just not going to do right. I have been around long enough to pick up on certian type and vibes.  

The site is made up of various channels to focus on various subjects. There will be no channels associated with entertainment or sports or even sexualies pictures of women also including religious belifes. 

Reason being these are the distractions that speak of.

So there will be a General channel then other channels will focus on real life stuff Job advice,Business advice, Education, Political talk, Relationships, and much more like anything it will be some growing pains and will evolve over time.

The minium age is 16 to join. To be clear and without offfense this site is not a pick up site for men because there are them thats out there that think when men get together that some will attempt to prusade others of a lifestyle they simply dont agee with. Just being straight foward with this. 

Also if decide to join if you are here to compete out Black or out do, belittle, degrade another Brother and cause confusion then this is also not a place for you.

So if intrested Please vist create a profile and lets Build.