About Black News Portal

BlackNewsPortal was created because of the desire to hear our voices from diffrent perspectives as a people.

Growing up was a paper boy thought was doing a great service, enjoyed greatly in many ways. I used to read as often as possible to know the latest things going on even at the age of 12.

Unfortunately things begain to change a lot for our people, lost their jobs and the mood changed quickly. With the immigration influx and the crack era plus the sentencing guide lines a whole generation of our people were lost physically and pscologically.

At times wondering aiminglesy repalcing the hurt with trinkets shiny things and enter-train-meant.

Now with this being said it is time for us who belive in stability and setting a generational foundation, then this is the place to start. Matter of fact my only sibling oldest Brother died in 1988 because of a drug overdose.

Black News Portal is a directory in a way of local Black news papers within your community utilizing Black news feeds from many sources as possible. Basically encourging you to support them. Also a place to hear other concerns and opinions of every day grassroot folk, this is an outlet to speak up and speak out.

So if you are really about Black empowerment start here.

Black newspapers have always been a historical go to source, it is time for us to get back to our roots as a people and start redirecting our resources back into our hands as a people.

Please check back to sign up for the newsletter or register to particapate and contribute and share your thoughts through articles. Take your time to explore

No more sugar coating, no more appeasing it is time to do.

If  just for self then this is not the place for you.

Your Voice is Welcomed

Peace and Prosperty

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