A Call To Action To Westchester County Police Chiefs, Commissioners, And Elected Officials

New York

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Dear Westchester County Police Chiefs, Commissioners, Elected Officials, Communities across the country, including our own, are angered and appalled as we witness an unending stream of callous, disrespectful, and often deadly encounters between police and civilians. While many of these events occur elsewhere, both individual experience and published research reports tell us that there is not a community in Westchester County that is not afflicted by disturbing police-civilian encounters, racially-biased policing practices (1), and a problematic lack of transparency by its law enforcement agencies.  This is a call for you to make a firm and public commitment to transparency, accountability, and a zero-tolerance approach to police misconduct.  While we are wary after decades of refusals to reform, we remain willing to partner with our law enforcement leaders who embrace the tenets of accountability, transparency, equal justice, and respect for all human life (2). Below you will find a list of specific reforms that we wish to see implemented immediately here in Westchester County. Achieving these recommendations will send a strong message to all members of our community that our leaders are committed to fundamentally redefining the relationship between our police department and our community. This is tough work, but if [...]