8 Year Old Author Promotes Book at Vibez Family Day


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The Sherman Phoenix has quickly become the go to spot for good food, and fun in the inner city. Its occupants range from vegan restaurants to a barbershop, but perhaps the most vibrant is the creative arts space known as Vibez.

Vibez is an arts space for the community to learn, explore, and enjoy art through different mediums which also includes a bar for paint and sip nights.  On Saturday July 6th, I had the pleasure of attending their weekly family paint days, where families can come and create artwork. This particular week there was even a 8 years old author named Jordan Ford, who was at a vendor table with him mom promoting his book The plane could not fly. The owner of Vibez Chrishella Roche was busy handling other affairs, but I learned about upcoming events such as teen paint night every 2ndThursdays, and open paint night from 4 to 9pm on Tuesdays.

Truly a beautiful space when you get the chance, go catch a vibe at Vibez

by Joshua Thomas