$500 Insect Repellent


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Last week I was out enjoying the semi-warm weather in the city with my 10 year old niece, who wanted ice cream from Culvers Midtown location. After grabbing a scoop of our favorite flavor we drove towards 60th& Capitol before reaching a stop light. This was when I seen a disturbing display of laziness as the driver ahead of me dumps out multiple pieces of garbage in the middle of the street. It is evident that these types of actions are done throughout the year and around the city, because the streets and grass areas are heavily littered. One Alderman Russell Stamper II has had enough of the litter bug.

After the snow melted around the city, what lied beneath it all caught the attention of Stamper and other city officials as they started the Don’t Littercampaign on April1st.

“In this cleanup campaign we have one goal, for Milwaukee to be the cleanest city in the country.” This was part of a speech from Stamper as he spoke at the press conference. Also at the focal point of presser was the increase in fines for littering, jumping from $50 to $500 dollars. Supplies were given out to neighbors as a part of the event and with smiling faces many citizens took it home with pride.

I hope the new fines are enough to repel the litterbug that plaques are city, let us all do our part.