This Week’s Paper – January 14, 2021

SEE THE FRONT PAGE HERE We are San Diego’s largest African American newspaper, reporting news from an African American perspective....


COVID outbreak – and media crackdown – at private halfway...

When the system begins to crumble all sorts of unimaginable tactics are employed by the elite to stave off the inevitable. The capitalist...


Defender CEO encourages State Of Black Texas virtual event

Listen to this audio of Defender CEO Sonny Messiah Jiles as she explains why the State Of Black Texas virtual event is important for...


Remembering the legacy of MLK

By Sister Tarpley NDG Religion Editor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s messages had an enormous effect on race relations in the United...


January 6, 2021: A Day of Hate

If nobody ever understood what White Privilege is, just look at what happened at Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.


Impeachment shame for Donald Trump, again!

Stacy M. Brown — First came the testimony and closing arguments – Congress members laid out a four-year reign of terror that was Donald...

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