Young Legends: PBG the Prince and Torii


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Milwaukee is a city full of young, ambitious people determined to chase their dreams by all means necessary. The city has madd talent whether in fashion, media, art, or music. So many young people are starting their businesses while others are taking a leap of faith to further their career.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Brandon Griffith, aka PBG the Prince, and Torii, of NY, about their journeys as young professionals and entrepreneurs. PBG is an artist originally from Milwaukee but recently moved to NY to expand his brand and follow his dreams. His overall mission is to create music that people can relate to— something that’s different— a new feel to hip hop.

The Edgewood College graduate has been making music since 2014 and isn’t planning to stop anytime soon. He’s performed in many cities and states since then. Having fallen in love with New York, he took everything he had and relocated. Although he has moved he hasn’t stopped representing Milwaukee! He takes great pride in where he comes from.

During the interview he made it clear the he appreciates the challenges that Milwaukee brings to the journey.

“Milwaukee is not going to just give you the top spot because you make good music. You got to work for it,” says PBG. He went on to say that in our city, you have to prove yourself through your grind and hard work. When your consistent you then get your respect. None the less, he believes no matter what you can’t give up.

Torii, also known as Always_Torii, is a young kids book Author, consultant, and so much more. Her mission is to inspire the youth. She believes in young people and wants them to know how to overcome obstacles that come their way in their journey. She plans to help expand their minds by exposing young excellence.

Throughout her journey gaining connections, expanding her network, and having a strong support system has been the greatest blessing. She enjoys the great vibes that people have and the knowledge she’s been able to learn. Although much of her satisfaction comes from relationship building, having your own identity speaks volumes to her. She’s a firm believer in being yourself and also believes everyone can be inspired by some body.

Together, these two are putting in the groundwork and are definitely headed in the right direction. It takes young people like them to represent for others. Shoutout to PBG the Prince and Torii for unapologetically chasing their dreams.

-LaShawnda S. Wilkins (@speaklifeshawnie)