Young Legends: Kaylee Crossfire and The Female Takeover


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Local Artist Kanisha Lee, also known as Kaylee Crossfire, is lighting up the city with her energy and passion for women uniting. As a vet artist, singing and rapping for over 7 years, Kaylee has nothing but positive vibes and great music to offer to our city.

Although she is Milwaukee born and raised, Crossfire has plans to impact the nation and the world one day by making history with the Female Takeover. The Female Takeover is a movement that’s been happening annually since 2013. Kaylee Crossfire has been a co-founder and with the help of her team, the movement has continued to grow.

Typically each year a group of female artists, but not limited to, come together for a special showcase. Each woman is given an opportunity to showcase their gifts and talents on a positive platform. This year the takeover has a unique twist to it.

Over 23 women have collaborated collectively to produce the Female Takeover Mixtape Vol. 1. This phenomenal collaboration isn’t just local artists from Milwaukee. Many of these artists live in the Midwest and surrounding states.

Kaylee Crossfire is so much more than just a local artist, working working to make it in our city. She recently collaborated with Kia Rap Princess, another local artist from Milwaukee, and they are on a roll. They’re project “Best of Both Worlds” has thousands of people’s attention on the internet. Kia and Kaylee have been traveling, doing shows, making music, and marketing quite well together.

When I see incredible things happening like what Kaylee is doing, I feel happy. Our city hasn’t been known for man music collaborations, let alone women collaborating, but to see a young legend like Kaylee Crossfire work hard in more ways than one, that excites me.

Kaylee talks about how unity is the key and how she just wants to be that woman that supports other women. And for that Ms. Kaylee Crossfire, we can’t thank you enough for going against the grain and showing others that we can do so much more together than we can do apart.

Much love to you and keep it up!

-LaShawnda S. Wilkins (@speaklifeshawnie)