Young Legend: Milwaukee’s Own, Best Selling Author Quardeay Julien


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The city of Milwaukee is full of talent and a lot of people with the grind to go with it. Although Milwaukee is know for its “trendy” ways, so many creatives are boldly stepping outside of the box, exposing their special gifts to the city. Many millennials are on the run chasing their dreams no matter what obstacles come their way.

Twenty-four year old, Quardeay Julien is a local author and Milwaukee legend in the making. Author Quardeay is a 2 time Best Selling Author in the genre of “erotica”.  He has over 15 books under his writers belt and he’s far from done.

I had the opportunity to sit down with him and discuss his journey. Quardeay or QJ is truly on a mission to proudly represent black men. He believes black male role models are needed more and more in our city and he’s dedicated to being one.

QJ says, “I just want to show other young guys that you don’t have to run the streets to make money.”

Quardeay’s passion for his position drives him everywhere he goes. He talks about how he’s been writing since he was 16 years old but it wasn’t always something he took seriously. QJ started off in drama and then began to aesthetic in the lane of erotica.

From there Quardeay began to write short stories on social media that got lots of attention. The erotica community was very involved and it created a positive atmosphere for other authors to express their thoughts as well. Many writers and readers joined his special group to keep in touch and stay involved.

He gives credit to his friends for pushing him to take his stories even more serious. After publishing the short stories online, he even decided to collaborate with others to create a short story book.

Today we know him as a ladies man, but he didn’t stop there. He has freelanced as well as worked with other authors on projects. Quardeay has short story novels and even a book on depression.

“There’s so much power in a pen,” he says as he explains why it’s so important to write. “It’s not just about the words and the story itself, it’s the message,” he explained.

I believe there’s so much value in knowing the value of writing. I truly think it’s a blessing to have such a strong, educated, young, Black King in our city, working to play his part in making a change, one book at a time.

Thanks for all your hard work Author Quardeay Julien.

-LaShawnda S. Wilkins (@speaklifeshawnie)