UF Police give bike and scooter helmets to students


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University of Florida Police Department sent out a tweet Tuesday afternoon, picturing a shelf of bicycle helmets available for free to interested students.

The campaign has been ongoing since last spring, but Officer John Savona said UPD is able to get about 200 helmets every year through a grant supplied by the Florida Pedestrian and Bicycle Resource Center, located at east campus.

Savona said about 50 helmets of various sizes remain to give out to students, in addition to a few scooter helmets.

The scooter helmets, which usually cost about $75, were donated by local scooter shops, Savona said.

The difference in the helmets is in the way they are built and certified. Scooter helmets are certified by the Department of Transportation, while bicycle helmets are certified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The scooter helmets usually have a harder shell and the ones available are made out of fiberglass, Savona said.

Officers that apply for the grant have to go through a training video session on how to properly fit a bicycle helmet, Savona said. Students are properly fitted before they leave with the helmet.

Florida law requires children 16 and under to wear a helmet while operating a bicycle or scooter.

“We encourage all students to wear them,” Savona said.

Students can stop by UPD Community Services Division to pick up a helmet from 8 a.m to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.