There Is No Black Vote Without A Black Agenda or Black Power!

New York

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For decades we have heard our local leaders, pastors, and politicians speak on the importance of the black vote. We understand that our elders fought for the right for Black people to vote. The sacrifice of our elders was not a small task to ensure that black people could excursive their constitutional rights.  The recent big Super Tuesday push by black voters to vote for Joe Biden for the Democratic Nominee once again has brought to the forefront conversation of the importance of the black vote in our national elections.  In 2020, What are we voting for as Black People? What are the standards that we use to vote for a candidate?  For many Black people, the narrative is, let us get a candidate elected to office, to claim they’re on the winning team is enough for many Black folks. This notion has been the ignorance of our collective, and then we conveniently blame the white man why our political, economic, and family institutions are at a constant decline before our eyes. But as long as we’re able to take photo ops or sit close to the table at a dinner dance with those we supported, we are oblivious to [...]