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West / California - 1 day ago

Bean-bag device could have subdued man killed at mall

BALDWIN HILLS — A knife-wielding man shot and killed by police inside the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza April 10 could have been subdued with bean-bag bullets, Police Chief Charlie Beck said this week, but police on the scene killed him while waiting...

Southwest / Texas - 1 day ago

Lawyers are profiting from Prince’s estate

This past Saturday marks two years since the death of the legendary Prince. His music is more popular than ever, however, his estate is caught up in epic legal battles. Unfortunately, the “Purple Rain” singer never wrote a will. Therefore, his hei...

Southwest / Texas - 1 day ago

8 OMG moments as ‘Scandal’ bids farewell

“Scandal” doesn’t have its name for nothing. The twists and turns (murder, sex, filthy politics, more murder) on the Shonda Rhimes show are legendary. Premiering on April 5, 2012, the series focuses on white-coat-wearing Olivia Pope, played by Ker...