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Midwest / Illinois - 4 days ago

EPA Clean Car Standard helps the economy

LOCAL LEADERS CAME bearing signs of support for advances made in clean air standards to a press conference Wednesday, October 17 in front of the Genesis Center statue. They join thousands across the nation publicly denouncing President Donald Trum...

Midwest / Illinois - 1 week ago

Challenging Borders, Boundaries, and Barriers

The Illinois Committee on Black Concerns in Higher Education (ICBCHE) recently took note of the unprecedented number of African American women leading higher education institutions in the State of Illinois. Customarily, white men overwhelmingly rep...

Northeast / Washington DC - 2 weeks ago

UAW Leader on Civil Rights and Black Labor

UAW Constitutional Convention with Dr. William Barber, Leader of the new Poor People’s Campaign. By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Correspondent@StacyBrownMedia Much is known about many aspects of the history of the civil rights movement in America...