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Kimoni Greene

Age: 18

Grade: Senior

Sport: Lacrosse / Defensive Midfielder

Team/ School: Bridge Lacrosse Dallas / South Oak Cliff High School

This past week was National Signing Day. This is a day of anticipation and accomplishment for the students and parents. One Senior that received a lot of attention that day was Kimoni Greene of South Oak Cliff High. Kimoni was one of 2 students (Damariah Wesley of Skyline High was the other) that received scholarships for the sport of lacrosse.

Similar to golf and tennis, lacrosse is a sport that’s predominantly played by white athletes. In 2008, black lacrosse athletes made up just 1.8% in Division 1 teams, and as of 2019, just 2.8%. But thanks to the growing number of collegiate programs being implemented, we’re seeing black lacrosse players like Kimoni Greene take the field. Although there’s no lacrosse program at S.O.C., one could say his time on the field was 2nd nature, for Greene is also a linebacker for the Golden Bears. Kimoni has the Bridge Lacrosse organization to thank for honing his skills. According to their site, in their 2018-2019 season, they had 768 student-athletes, 50% of them were black. So you can only imagine with these numbers, we will see a lot more Kimoni Greene’s in the future.

Kimoni will start his next season at an HBCU, Hampton University. He told WFAA on signing day that he was proud to play the sport he loves and even more proud to be a game changer in the sport. We congratulate Kimoni on his scholarship to Hampton and wish him the best of luck in his freshman season. For this reason, the Dallas Weekly is honored to name Kimoni Greene as our Student Athlete of the Week.