Speaking to Dysfunction


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By Sir Christopher Wayne

Dark Skinned White Person of Color

For some reason, we ignore the fact that Michael Jackson was the epitome of success for our time and even he didn’t want to be Black. Chopped his nose off like ancient Egyptian sculptures being defamed by angry colonizers.

Yes, he was great, along with many others, but why does it seem like no one wants to be successful and BLACK? Is there even a symbol of Black success for any of us to look up to? Why does it appear that Black people seem to be chasing dreams of success from other cultures?

I don’t want to necessarily give up on the Black community, but what is the Black community anyways? What is it to be successful? What does it mean to make it? We’re taught to work like slaves out entire life, then materialize items of success to show your wealth. We don’t even realize subliminally we do this to appeal to white America as an invitation to ask, Can we finally be friends?

We go out and buy items of success that show one has made it: a fancy car, big house, and credit that can’t be paid back truthfully. It appears over the years we’ve developed a sense of success that is driven by mainstream culture. To “make it” truly deals with what image of a successful white man, woman, or family is portrayed through the media.

Think about it. What are your dreams and ambitions? What has your family taught you about what it is to make it? You may find yourself answering these questions with no sense of Black pride or culture. Everything dealing with a life path towards success revolves around becoming something in American society that is deemed to be popular or cool. You want to make it in the corporate world because it offers you access to money and cultural appropriation by white society.

Being a normal Black person who takes care of their business and family isn’t enough because there aren’t any accolades given by white popular society for being “a common man.”

We see this even with our famous Black pop stars we revere now. Instead of them being content with musical artistic genius for their people, they run towards the Grammys and other white-driven shows that allow them to receive the same reward and praises. Once again, chasing the tails of their former slave masters instead of basking in the involvement of being Black and immersed fully into the culture.

We tell our kids to go to school and get a degree not because our Black community has businesses set up to usher in new educated talent, but because it’s a symbol of success in our society. Once again, all of this is to appease the white community and popular media.

Black people’s sense of success has led them to become a society of people, hell-bent on becoming the next successful dark skinned white person of color in America. It’s not good enough to just be Black, simply because we have no true symbol of success to look up to.