Speaking to Dysfunction


Southwest / Texas 95 Views

By Sir

Christopher Wayne



You receive more kudos from the Black community for going to jail and getting out, or cheating on your spouse and not breaking up instead of just…. not going to jail or actually being faithful inside your romantic relationships.

The Black community has been governed by confusion and dysfunction for entirely too long. Our Black women, men and pastors will pray to God for months on had for their son Billy who robbed the gas station by gunpoint, killed a baby, and stole its pacifier but won’t bother Jesus one time for favor for the Black kid who actually can follow instructions.

We deem “the good kids” as assimilators instead of mature and wise and our young girls see these lessons played out before their eyes. We wonder by Teyanna keep dating niggas in jail like they’re famous but forget momma laughed at the nerdy Black kid too when he was getting bullied outside the apartments by Tyrone from jail with the ponytail.

We know how to contact these type of men, our women are attracted to them,  send them food, the entire hood know release dates, we read law books to understand their plight in jail, we use the ultimate power of God and prayer to ease punishment for their wrong doings, then we throw a celebratory “Coming home party” post getting caught up in the system.

Let Tommy plan to go to college and we leave them to fend for themselves because it cost too much. We teach our girls that a strong Black Queen is to be what for her man? A provider when he is down, his ride or die chick, his backbone when he is weak, she must cook and be his chef, clean like a maid and even feed him as a mother would. Our strong Black Queens are taught all these beautiful noble traits of what it is to be a wifey, but for whom? I’d rather she not do half the things on this list but why so much even for a WHOLE man?

I’ve never heard of a king exhibiting such immature behavior yet we teach our Queens to procreate with a male of such low characteristics. We raise good Black men as well too in the Black society but notice how we have no narrative for how to be in relations with a good Black man. It just isn’t taught by our mothers or fathers to the daughters of our community. We know how to care for a jailbird, or for a little kid who is deemed a troublemaker and hell we even know how to care for a man who can’t work. It also makes sense why our good men tend to usually end up outside of Black society for some odd reason.

We praise all the dysfunctional aspects of the Black male. From Charlamagne tha god explaining how being a class clown on probation lead him to success to your favorite comedian joking about being a troublemaker and being disruptive in school; even your favorite rich tattooed rapper who promotes Black women stripping and drug dealing. Why are expending so much energy on battered dysfunctional “Black men” instead of the polar opposite of Tyrone from down the street? Why is it that our young Queens are told to stay in a abusive relationship and pray about the situation until it changes? Why isn’t she taught by our society to not only leave but taught principals beforehand that will deter her from even dating an individual who will be abusive? I believe this is part of the disconnect between Black men and women today. We’ve become a society filled with victimhood and dysfunction from the elders and leaders, that we’ve forgotten what it is to be functioning in my opinion. Our Black fathers are not necessarily in the household all the time to teach dating wisdom, and we fail to realize subconsciously an emotionally hurt single mother has the propensity to raise the same dysfunction in their offspring if the life lesson’s weren’t learned. Meaning, a single who was hurt by a Black male will most likely raise her daughter to resent the same type of male that hurt her, or she will raise her son in resentment because of his similarity to her past hurt. Now I hate speaking generalizations so I will condense the issue down to simply being a product of a impoverished society. A lack of money and resources will breed a lower way of thinking in any society.