Respect The Black Dollar: Black Out Day At Sherman Phoenix


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Luxury super clothing brands have always had a certain allure to individuals, rather they can afford it or not. For some peoples who have the funds, it serves as a reminder to others that their rich enough to buy it. And for those who have to pay rent late in order to afford such brands, purchasing the clothes can serve as a confidence builder in a world of “fake it till you make it.” It is no secret that African Americans are one of the biggest supporters of high end clothing, while rooted in hip-hop culture Blacks from all walks of life contribute millions yearly. Despite how many black dollars are spent, brands like Gucci and Prada still have the audacity to make racially insensitive clothing. Boycotts are happening from superstar’s rapper T.I and others, but the most effective protest comes from supporting black owned businesses.

On Saturday the Sherman Phoenix the “Black Out” day, a day that was over loaded with Black business owners, as they set up their tables around the venue.

From jewelry to clothing for babies, consumers had a wide array of options.

“So much black excellence I should go live to showcase it!” One woman said tome moments after entering the building.

Names like Tiffany Miller owner of Live in Bloom caught my attention, as her business focuses on healing through creative arts.

I was also swooned by a lady named Imani Raiyne, owner of Kreative Fruitz. Ray, who is known as the #fruitlady puts a unique spin on fruit decorations, creating delicious and attention grabbing dishes. I should know she gave me a free sample!

There were hundreds of guests throughout the day in support of the entrepreneurs, we must spend in our communities, respect each other then we will show its true power…the power the black dollar

by Joshua Thomas