Plinth Removal Scheduled at Oak Lawn Park


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Dallas – The granite plinth where the statue of Robert E Lee was previously installed at Oak Lawn Park will be disassembled and archived in a secure location on City of Dallas property.  A team of conservators under the oversight of the Office of Cultural Affairs will ensure the preservation of the plinth. The work is expected to begin on January 22, 2019 and is estimated to take between seven to eight weeks.  

The conservation consultants will create a plan for disassembly and storage for the plinth, seating, and stairs. Dallas Park and Recreation Facility Services team members will be on hand to conduct the removal and transport to a storage location and then will complete landscape remediation at the site. Removal and transportation are estimated to take between seven to eight weeks at a cost of $155,040. Park and Recreation department will install landscaping at a cost of $30,000. An outside conservation expert will assist in the development of a plan for disassembly, and archival storage in compliance with established conservation practices.  The conservation work will will cost $24,960. There is no plan to sell the work at this time.