Black News Sources

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Want to thank the Publications that make this site possible, even though there are many other Black owned publications, this is the list of Sources that is used because they have provided a newsfeed. List

  1. Crew of 42
  2. The Birmingham Times, Alabama
  3. Arizona Informant, Arizona
  4. Los Angeles Sentinel, California
  5. San Francisco Bayview, California
  6. Westside Story Newspaper, California
  7. BRE Magazine, California
  8. The LA Wave Publication +6 Newspaper, California
  9. The San Diego Voice and Viewpoint, California
  10. The Black E.O.E., California
  11. The Black Voice News, California
  12. Sacramento Observer, California
  13. The Washington Informer, District of Columbia
  14. Washington Sun, District of Columbia
  15. Heart and Soul Magazine, District of Columbia
  16. South Florida Times, Florida
  17. The Pensacola Voice, Florida
  18. Westside Gazette, Florida
  19. The Florida Star, Florida
  20. Onyx Magazine, Florida
  21. The Weekly Challenger, Florida
  22. Tempo News, Florida
  23. Florida Sentinel Bulletin, Florida
  24. Daytona Times, Florida
  25. Atlanta Daily World, Georgia
  26. The Atlanta Tribune Roswell, Georgia
  27. The Atlanta Voice, Atlanta, Georgia
  28. Savannah Tribune Inc, Georgia
  29. Upscale Magazine, Georgia
  30. Bean Soup Times, Illinois
  31. In Theses Times, Illinois
  32. The Chicago Defender, Illinois
  33. Urban Intellectuals, Illinois
  34. Frost Illustrated, Indiana
  35. The New Orleans Data News, Louisiana
  36. Michigan Chronicle, Michigan
  37. The Mississippi Link, Mississippi
  38. The African Sun Times, New Jersey
  39. Our Time Press, New York
  40. Black Enterprise Magazine, New York
  41. Minority Reporter, New York
  42. Carolina Peacemaker, North Carolina
  43. The Chronicle (Winston Salem), North Carolina
  44. The Cincinnati Herald, Ohio
  45. The New Pittsburgh Courier, Pennsylvania
  46. The Charleston Chronicle, South Carolina
  47. Tri-State Defender, Tennessee
  48. Nokoa-The Observer, Texas
  49. The Houston Defender, Texas
  50. The Houston Forward Times, Texas
  51. North Dallas Gazette Dallas, Texas
  52. The African American News, Texas
  53. Dallas Post Tribune, Texas
  54. Gainesville Guardian, Virginia
  55. The New Journal & Guide, Virginia
  56. Diverse Issues In Higher Education, Virginia
  57. The Milwaukee Community Journal, Wisconsin
  58. The Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper, Wisconsin is not affiliated nor employed by any of the sources shared, news shared is via rss feeds related to each source.

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I'm using the picture of Malcolm simply because of his commitment to the unity of our people. I live in Detroit MI since can remember always had a passion for information, especially concerning us so this site is born out of that passion. Like this site I am still a process in work as well am sure others. Hope this will be your come to source to connect and feel our narrative our voices.