NFL Flexes Their Muscles On The Jacksonville Jaguars


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By Michael Jennings
Sports Photo Journalist

The Jacksonville Jaguars had some time off with a Bye last week. Hopefully, they can heal up from all of the injuries and prepare to travel and take on the Indianapolis Colts next Sunday. Through this time off for rest and relaxation, to the alarm of already disappointed fans, the NFL flexed the highly anticipated Sunday night game against the Steelers. If you do not understand what a game getting flexed means, every offseason the NFL schedules Sunday night football games. Since 2014, the NFL has had a policy that any game between weeks 5-17 can be FLEXED in (or out) of the Sunday Night Football slot on NBC. Well I guess the Jags aren’t ready for National TV right now and should just focus on winning a football game! Hopefully, the return of Leonard Fournette can give the Jags offense a spark and turn this dwindling season around.