NBA Legend Cliff Levingston to host a Party with a Purpose to kick off All-Star Weekend


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On February 13, 2020, Cliff Levingston, who played with the World Champion Chicago Bulls in the early 1990s, will host the NBA All-Star Weekend Kickoff Party to benefit his foundation, Legends Leaving Legacies 501c3. This fundraiser will be the first big event for the organization, which has been in existence for three years.

Levingston has been helping young people get into schools for the past ten years. Inspired by the desire to enhance efforts to help high school students achieve the dream of higher education, Levingston and his wife, Valerie, decided to establish a foundation. Donor support helps finance college tours to allow students the opportunity to explore their options in person and determine the best school choices for them. For students who decide that the college experience is not ideal for them, the foundation can help connect them with trade schools to acquire technical or hands-on skills. It is necessary to offer this option considering public school systems have systematically removed trades from the curriculum.

a13f835fa82e82019346d4805e76c9c67b45552e-14.jpgSports Edition, Levingston offered this advice to young people: “Make your dream happen, bring it back home, and share that dream.”

Levingston also uses his platform to call attention to communities in need, and he forms strategic partnerships to support organizations in their fundraising efforts. His connection with professional athletes enables him to help other organizations increase visibility for their causes and events through enhanced media exposure.

Legends leaving Legacies is hosting an All-Star Weekend kickoff party taking place on February 13, 2020. Guests will be able to mingle with legendary players from the NBA, NFL, and MLB, and boxers from the WBC while enjoying good food, music, and entertainment. For tickets, go to

For more information, contact Valerie at 219-809-6100 or Please also visit



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