Money, Lies And BEU


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By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

Once again the Black Economic Union is embroiled in controversy as the owner of the Lincoln building has gone to court in preliminary proceedings for eviction.

It’s a story of money and tales centered around convoluted leadership and so called volunteers whose motives are in question concerning BEU. One Board member best describes it as operating as a den of thieves filled with corruption and mismanagement.
In May 2017, THE CALL reported that the Black Economic Union had sold its biggest asset, the historic Lincoln building, to the Henry Service of The Service Law Offices of Kansas City.

Service has recently been in a legal battle with BEU in his effort to evict the City’s oldest Community Development Corporation for a number of infractions including the failure to pay rent.

BEU counters that they were not required to pay rent because they were contracted to manage the building, which Service says is not true.

In addition, sources close to the matter contend that the sale centered around the President taking out a $403,000 loan from Altera bank in Overland Park unbeknownst to the members of staff of BEU. Most importantly no one knows where the money has gone.

This was done in spite of the fact that his employment contract prohibited him from doing so unilaterally without approval of the Board above $10,000.

The transaction was not discovered until late December 2016.

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