Milwaukee, the Time is Now


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I love Milwaukee, just like I know many others do, I have had the opportunity to leave and move on but I have chosen to stay in my birth state and city, to help build in a place.

I was born watching us get destroyed.

Being home grown is also very special because it gives me and others true ownership of our surroundings. I guess that’s why I often become upset when I see Milwaukee always reaching outside of our city looking for help or something in other states to duplicate when we have things and people right here who have the personalities, experience and visions to make things happen.

Politically it may be cool but in the hood, or the communities that I absorb and serve daily, they need to constantly see a reflection of themselves doing what’s needed to be done in order to create a model of perfection and progression. We need to break up the model of negative perception.

We must work with what we have; the good and the bad, negative and positive currents.

Our city suffers from divisions on all levels. Everyone believes their answer is the magic one, which constantly causes more problems. One thing I would agree with when it comes to the cities that have broken the curse of ignorance, is that a group of more people, at down, brainstormed and then they made it happen.

They probably didn’t ask for permission. We have everything here, but not the will power to push forward. We must begin to offer more than just hope as a mental escape, which often makes things worst, because when reality settles in, the hopes have yet to come. Shortly after, anger and depression begins, which if it took years to develop, it will take years to erase. This is just like the problems before. Another reason cannot afford to keep going backwards or remaining stuck with obstacles, is because we would be preventing our own growth. Let’s change this.

The time is now.

Written By: Torre Johnson